~ May 10th/11th ~ 

Miraculous Full Moon 

It’s time to create a ritual for your own transformational healing that is ready now! May is a powerful time of manifesting. Clean up the space for what you want to create.

It’s been speaking to you, showing up in your life with grabbing, glaring attention, wanting your presence. Healing transformation is ready to open you up to your next level of life. April showers bring May flowers and this couldn’t be truer than right now. Cleaning up and clearing out energetic space to create new possibilities for the future.

Energetically, our humanity has been moving through major changing times, revealing hidden, trapped energies that now demand transparency. Those energies desire to be karmically released, balanced and brought forward into a new paradigm of personal power and responsibility.

Look to the long-held life patterns that have been trapped and are now bubbling up for transparency. 

May Miraculous Full Moon Focus:

1. RELEASING THE GRIEVANCES. Grievances are long-held energetic traps inside our psyches that contain contaminating energetic glue that keeps the repetitive patterns, emotions, energies, stories sticking around inside, circulating and surfacing again and again. Grievances cause the big and small acts we do daily by not accepting truly what is right now. You can give sacred connection and purification when you look clearly at your “right now”, unhook the repetitive traps of resistance, and move into acceptance.

Taking a rigorous truth-seeking look at the trapped energy of your past that needs to be surrendered, released and relinquished will allow you to birth a new personal paradigm of power grounded in soul-inspired truth. We are moving into a super-charged manifesting time ahead that will significantly shift the rest of this year. Look deep from the inside of your soul and out into your life. You will see clearly the life layers that need releasing.

Unconscious patterns of resistance are creating unnecessary suffering in the world, on both the personal and collective levels. These patterns are waking up to what has been asleep, numb, denied or trapped. It’s time to feel what has been trapped in some life area that is hurting you. Give your feelings voice to be heard and released. The same way the unheard and hurting in the collective need their voices heard, so does that place inside of you. Use the sacred safe time of your own personal full moon ritual to hold honoring space to heal what needs to be expressed and released. 

You are ready. 
Reach to the light of truth of you and of all things.
Shine on ~

Miraculous May Full Moon Intention Audio

by Anne Ribley | 17 Minutes

3 Powerful Workshops for Manifesting in May

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Soulmate Love Relationship?

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Empowering Your Current Relationship with Soulmate Love?

Soul Inspired Business Success?

This month you have the unique opportunity to have the presence, comfort, and direction of both of us to support manifesting your deeply desired dreams right now.

Listen to the audio and discover the workshop right for you. 

Creating Sacred Space

by Anne Ribley | Meditative Words & Music for Rituals