May 19/20th. Set free your hopes, dreams, and intentions for the New Moon Ritual >>> 7 simple steps New Moon Ritual.
With Mercury Retrograde and the Eclipse season over and all the astro-power alignment beginning this week, big abundance can accelerate for you over the next twelve months.
Create your New Moon Ritual to open the channel to “Write it Right into Life” your hopes, intentions, and dreams. Pen to Paper - Antenna to God/Source/Universe/Life.
May Energy Focus New Moon:
The energy is rich with prosperity from now till May 2024. Every seed of intention planted now and continuously cared for over the next twelve months will expand with abundance.
The time is now to release the restriction for the bigger dreams to have space. The road may have been bumpy recently as you have been releasing what has felt restrictive.
3. NEW POWER WITH POSSIBILITY. Intentions are finding a new future. Let yourself be inside the stream of synchronized support all around and ready for you. New power is coming through with bigger expansion and more possibilities.
Take this sacred time and use this powerful magical opportunity to plant your prayers, dream seeds, and intentions.

Bring your bigger dreams to the light.

Shine on ~

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