Forgiveness Mantra

MONDAY MANTRA: I am the forgiver. I am the forgiven. Forgiveness frees me. I release… I am free! Bring the energy of forgiveness to your day and speak it throughout the week. Feel the power of forgiveness giving healing energy to our humanity that we strongly need. Let the power of redemptive love connect us to the forgiveness needed at this time on all levels. Individually and collectively.

Trust in Life’s Rhythm Mantra

MONDAY MANTRA: I trust my life as it moves with rhythm to my highest good. Trying. Striving. Grasping. Needing. Busyness to better. Faster. More. Can disconnect our core connection to the foundational trust that life is unfolding for us. Life’s trust. Real trust. Powerful trust. The still solid silent trust holding the whole universe together in all its’ magnanimous power of connection to ALL, including each of us.

Power Support Mantra

MONDAY MANTRA: I am supported. Say these magic words again and again.
I am supported. I am supported. I am supported! Let support step forward for you in surprising ways.
Be willing to receive the support. Let these mantra words strengthen your every step with powerful supporting action. Although these words can sound simple, truth is… these mantra words have saved my life in so many ways. Let support step forward for you!

Yes Mantra

MONDAY MANTRA: I am BLESSED in my YES! All your power is connected to your authentic yes. The true congruent yes. Not the automated yes that comes from avoiding conflict or people pleasing that contorts you into a compromised version of yourself.

Prosperity Guide Me Mantra

MONDAY MANTRA: Prosperity guides me. Prosperity finds me. Prosperity guides me. Prosperity finds me.
Saying the word… P-R-O-S-P-E-R-I-T-Y… silently and slowly to yourself evokes elevated expansion and attraction. Speaking the mantra immediately lets you shape a prosperity posture.

Claiming Your POWER Mantra

I am claiming my POWER back. I am strengthened. I move forward. As you move through life pieces of your power can get displaced. Without recognition, your power can get stuck in the past through traumas, repeating stories or patterns that robs you of your power. You...

Beautiful Blessings Mantra

MONDAY MANTRA: I trust…beautiful blessings to guide my day! Beautiful things will happen as you open up to your day with the utmost trust in life, yourself and the world around you. Fear constricts the flow. Fear blocks blessings.

I am Willingness. I Nourish My Freedom

I am willingness. I nourish my freedom. I am willingness to follow-through. I am willingness to show up. I am willingness to learn. I am willingness to grow. I am willingness to hold the line. I am willingness to be firm. I am willingness to be soft. I am willingness....

Showing Up Mantra

I am SHOWING up! Life, reveal your goodness to me. Show up fully and present… for the conversation, for the chance, for your turn, for the gift, for the answer, for the moment…. LIFE… (repeat it) I am showing up! So much gets taking care of for us...

Find My Way Mantra

MONDAY MANTRA: I find my way and claim today. You are never stuck. You are never closed off. You are never lacking from what you need next. There is a way.
Claim today.
Claim the opening to find your opportunities for something magical.
Your way is your power.
Your way is all around you, through you and available for you.
What do you need at this time? You can find your way.
Claim it.

Divine Restoration Mantra

MONDAY MANTRA: Divine Restoration renews & rebuilds my life. This mantra is dedicated for anyone who is going through a time of big change and needing Divine Restoration to enter strongly into their life.

Show Up Let Your Light Shine Mantra

Today… I show up. Speak Up. And let my light shine!
I absolutely know this is how you can activate your most natural state of power. It’s how we come into the world as a child. All great change in our lives and in the world comes from our willingness to fully show up to the moment, the day and all that is… here and now.
Speak up and show up to what is truthful to the moment, situation and what is… and your light will shine brighter. In doing this most powerful act, everything shifts into a better place of change. Once this mantra unveiled these words to me… I found myself repeating these words so easily with effortless grace over and over….
Let your light shine. Show up. Speak up. Start today.

Compassion and Expansion Mantra

The most compassionate act you can do for your life’s existence is to act as a compassionate being with yourself.
Allow yourself to expand into your true potentiality is your greatest act of self-love. Being a compassionate person/being… begins with you, it’s an act of self-love. And you can start now by placing your hand over your heart and stating … With compassion and expansion… I Love MySelf.

Symbols of Abundance Mantra

MONDAY MANTRA: Thank you… for the symbols of abundance that continue to show up in my life.
Empower your week with the recognition and sharing of LIFE’S overflowing presence and abundance that is here to be celebrated!
With holy gratitude give deep reverence to the symbols of abundance that continue to show up for you.
Find as many magic moments as you can this week of the movement of abundance.
Acknowledge and speak with silent reverence…
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Let the energy expand for you.

Magical Manifesting Mantra

I am open to magical manifesting moving toward me. You can lift up faith today with the magical joy of the Universe. Pick a troublesome issue or life area you would like to have something magical to manifest for you. Now surrender the heavy weighted issue to the Universe and repeat… I am open to magical manifesting moving toward me!
Step up in a new way today… out of hiding/holding back… reach out/open up to receive as you speak the mantra three times with arms open wide. Try this three times daily for the next week and you will have something magical manifest for you. Speak the words for magical manifesting will move toward you.
Everything is negotiable with life. Free yourself from the weight of something heavy-hearted to the Universal Source of light to create magical manifestations. May is a manifesting time. Let this mantra lift toward your inspired intentions and dreams… I am open to magical manifesting moving toward me.

Favorable Outcome Mantra

MONDAY MANTRA: I am in the light of favorable outcomes!
Find as many opportunities today and the rest of the week to repeat the mantra of FAVORABLE OUTCOMES!
Connecting to the deeper trust of life’s flow reduces the noise of fear and brings to light the natural good that inspires favorable outcomes. Lean into the faith that naturally follows favorable outcomes. Speak to it. Let it wash over you. Follow you. Surround you. Be with you.
Life naturally desires to be in harmony of favorable outcomes. Open yourself to the gift you are worthy of receiving. May your day and week be filled with the light of favorable outcomes! Breath. Smile. And receive.

Healthy Empower Direction Mantra

Today, I receive what is healthy, right and empowering for me! Today, I receive what is healthy, right and empowering for me. Honor you. Honor your essential self that is always guiding you in the right direction. Fully allow yourself to receive what is right for you....

Peace By Peace I Reach Mantra

Peace by Peace – I Reach! You are connected to everything you need to instantly be filled with peace. Be in a state of a “peace by peace” momentum. In a deep breath. In a shift of thought. In a change of perspective… in a smile… or in the simple act of giving a hug. Keep reaching and connecting with your day peace by peace.
No matter what your day or week encounters use this powerful mantra… “Peace by Peace – I Reach” it will sharpen your focus and invite your inspiring presence and guidance to lead you to all your next best intentions of self-love, kindness, connection and your well-being!

Grace Mantra

MONDAY MANTRA: I am inside my GRACE! We all each have our own lane of GRACE. Allow yourself to be in the ease and flow of your GRACE {yes, GRACE with all capitals}. Let every cell of your being radiate in the presence of GRACE that is already present and connected with you. It’s miraculous. It’s Divine. It’s a miracle maker and shaper.
Everywhere you go and everything you touch today moves with you and through you in your lane of GRACE.
{Breath it in and let it be.}
Be witness to the miracles unfolding forward for you inside your lane of GRACE. All our best manifesting intentions come forward with ease and grace.
Be inside yours because you are.

It’s My Time Mantra

It’s my time. It’s my turn. I say yes — I am ready to take the next step!
Use this power mantra to help you move into action, to not delay or avoid by holding yourself back. Welcome your day into synchronicity, create meaningful momentum, open yourself up to a beautiful new opportunity, let something miraculous unfold, take the next best step…
You can use this mantra as a powerful reminder to boost yourself with the courage to show up. Place your hand over your heart and repeat {{ It’s my time. It’s my turn. I say yes — I am ready to take the next step. }}
Something magical awaits you.
Go for it.
It’s your time.
It’s your turn.
Step forward to receive.

Filled With Enthusiasm Energy for Today Mantra

MONDAY MANTRA: Filled with enthusiasm, I energize today! Start your mornings with this extremely powerful mantra. You will instantly and automatically receive feel an energy rise simply by repeating this mantra slowly and fully to embody…
Filled with enthusiasm, I energize today.
All your highly favorable good will move faster toward you in the synchronizing energy field of enthusiasm. Want more energy? Or an instant energy burst? How about a morning surge of energy to set the tone for the day…. try super-charging the mantra message with water.
As you take a drink of water, repeat the mantra slowly and silently in your mind…
Filled with enthusiasm, I energize my body, my mind and today! Another way of saying this mantra is… I am showing up alive, vibrant, present, filled with charisma and ready to embrace my life fully with no fear. Bring it.
Try a simple meditational moment with water while repeating the mantra for your next energy surge!
Namaste, Anne

Receive My Miracle Mantra

MONDAY MANTRA: I am connected to miracles…I am present to receive! I am connected to miracles… I am present to receive! Chant it. Breathe it. Repeat it. Receive it. The universal thread of LIFE connection has miracles for you. Let your focus this week be fully open to receive. Strengthen your receiving posture. Be present to receive the miracle connected to you. Namaste, Anne

Prosperity Courage Mantra

MONDAY MANTRA: My courage leads me into PROSPEROUS Possibilities! There is a place we can pull from for our courage and it doesn’t have to feel so hard. Speak to your courage today, it’s already in you ready to be a bit bolder, stronger and ready to EXPAND, one step at a time!
Find your one step of courage to take and let it lead your week toward prosperous possibilities! You are worthy of prosperous possibilities let the innate courage in you, lead you!

I am Prosperity Being Mantra

MONDAY MANTRA: I am a prosperous being! All my GOOD lives everywhere around me and through me. Have your arms open wide to receive your prosperity today and this week. We do not live in a withholding universe so therefore, none of your good is being withheld from you… so be free to receive starting right now!
Let this mantra become a message that lives deeply in you.
Be aware of the prosperity and good that will step forward for you this week… repeat… I am a PROSPEROUS being. All my GOOD lives everywhere around me and through me.
And so it is..

Vibrational Match to Prosperous Manifesting

I am a vibrational match to PROSPEROUS manifesting! Words have weight. Words become energy matches for materialization. Let these be the repeating words you would like to create your manifesting match with…. I am a vibrational match to prosperous manifesting.

March can be a month of turning up the volume to your manifesting field that is ready to come alive with favorable conditions for you. Invite your energy match to receive and be in the good fortunate of the inherent abundance that is ready to supply your good. Repeat at 3 times (three is a manifesting number) throughout the day and set the energy field for a rich prosperous week.
Beautiful Blessings await.

Connected to Everything Mantra

I am connected to EVERYTHING I need! This simple mantra breaks the illusion of lack or blockages. Instantly aligning with the principle that we live not in a withholding universe. Connect to the miraculous serendipitous nature of life, try repeating this mantra at least 3 times with your eyes closed, daily. You are worthy of receiving what you need for your best well-being. Pull on the energy from wherever it is… you are connected to EVERYTHING you need. Let this mantra boost your week with the energy to materialize a something fabulous!

I Am Within My Transformation Mantra

MONDAY MANTRA: I am within my transformation!
We are all actively in some phase of important transformation. It doesn’t matter what area of ourselves or our lives we are evolving a change with… often, we berate ourselves as if we aren’t making the necessary progress needed at the rate we think is enough. The truth is you are closer than you think.
It’s unfolding.
You are already within the transformation being done.
Trust the process regardless of how it looks today.
Grab your power.
Repeat the mantra: I am WITHIN my transformation!
It’s happening.

I Love My Life Mantra

I Love My Life & My Life Loves Me Back!

Love is the highest vibration and naturally accelerates the law of attraction in action. Let this mantra settle into every cell of your being. Embrace and energize the well-being AND the miraculous impact that LOVE empowers!! Simply stating the mantra… I LOVE MY LIFE sets into motion the matching vibration for your LIFE TO LOVE YOU BACK! Immediate shifts of life-affirming congruence for your heart’s desires will start to shape changes. Take the time to state the mantra at least 3 times… morning… noon… night.

Let this week bring you expanded empowering LOVE.

I Love MySelf Mantra

MONDAY MANTRA: I Love MySelf! All healing. Transformations. Expansions. Resolutions desiring to be lived into reality will result from the source of love. Divine love.
As many times as possible for the next 7 days repeat. Again & again. Morning and night. Speak the mantra… I Love MySelf. Declare it as if you are etching a permanent vow upon your soul. A whole set of miraculous energies will seed shifts of magical new beginnings into your life, your body, your relationships, your opportunities … your world. Whenever your mind wanders toward thoughts that feel disheartening repeat the words … I Love MySelf … as the deep lingering language of pure truth.

I Am Worth It Mantra

I Am Worth It! I Am Worth It.
The answer is yes. You are worth it. Your life is saying… Yes… Yes… Yes. You are worth it.
Your heart is beating consistently the answer of…
Yes – Yes – Yes. You are worth it. Repeat the mantra…
I am worth it.
Whatever is coming up for you now. Let this mantra guide you. You are worth it.
Place your hand over your heart… feel your heartbeat… get in rhythm and in sync with your natural – YES. That is what your heartbeat is saying over and over again.
Yes. Yes. Yes.
Anchor the mantra… I am worth it. Whenever you feel doubt or fear rattle you. Close your eyes and let your heartbeat remind you of the YES that is already alive and beating your heart with an unwavering YES and repeat… I am worth it.
Because you are.
Worth it.

I Trust My Expansion Mantra

I Trust My Expansion.

There is something new and beautiful that is ready to expand for you. Let the expansion happen with ease and grace. Align with the trusting nature of the universe to support you. Abundance. Love. Opportunity. Relationships. Health. Well-Being.

I Believe. I Receive. I Achieve. Mantra

I believe… I receive… I achieve… It’s a quick 3 step mantra that at the most core fundamental level it’s how we allow ourselves to be supported. Helped. Transformed. We are doing it all the time in our natural law of attraction and manifesting.
Now with new awareness around a life-area you want to expand with new blessings you can use this mantra as an instant power boost to step toward your growing edge of new possibilities.
Your ability to achieve is always equal to your ability to receive. Start first by giving yourself hope towards something you want to manifest or a new possibility you want to come toward you, open yourself to receive and you will naturally set yourself up to achieve it. Speak the mantra with ease and grace… I believe… I receive… I achieve! And so it is.

That Which Supports Me BOLDLY Steps Forward Mantra

Power Mantra: That Which Supports Me BOLDLY Steps Forward… That Which Doesn’t Gracefully Steps Down.

This is absolutely one of the most powerful mantras you can use for everything!!!

Begin your day with supportive call forward.

Call in the trusting flow of the universe and relax into the support that will step forward for you in unquestionable ways to let you know — BOLDLY this is for you!

And those situations that aren’t working out or are shifting, thank the universe for the graceful step-down.

This mantra can change your life. It is a living meditation that deepens your trust in what is yours to engage with and what is yours to release and surrender to a greater source. Incredibly beautiful…. during this winding up of a manifesting cycle. Speak it every day in all ways… That which supports me BOLDLY steps forward… that which doesn’t GRACEFULLY steps down.

This one is a keeper for you.

Keep it close and call on it anytime, every time and whenever you need it to be clearly shown to you.
You got this… call it in!

Right Time Right Place Mantra

I am at the right time, right place, for the right things and it’s happening. Embrace your natural synchronicity to shine through for the week.
What if you gave yourself a challenge for this week to not make anything wrong. Releasing the need to judge yourself, others or situations in the light of being wrong or against what is happening in present reality. And you let this mantra lead your week into your natural right place of empowering happenings.
There is an amazing energetic shift that opens up for miracles and empowering outcomes to come through when our perceptions aren’t focused on an “against” what is toward ourselves, others or our current reality.
What if for today you give the intention to approach your encounters with the mantra?… I am at the right time, right place, for the right things and it’s happening. Let your frequency be in rapport to synchronize the right circumstances to come through for you.
You got this….
You are in the right time, at the right place for the right things to happen.
Let it be.

I Trust in my Life Mantra

MONDAY MANTRA: I trust in my life… & It’s beautiful! The most powerful stance you can take today, tomorrow and always is to stand in the trust of your life.
This is a mantra I have been repeating naturally in my life for several weeks now. There have been questions unanswered, unknowns unresolved and still so many beautiful dreams ahead in my heart. Those who are close to me personally have heard me saying a form of these words… I am trusting my life.
It holds the magic to make miracles happen. It’s the cosmic eraser to self-imposed fear and doubt. Liberates life to thrive. Repeat the mantra today and through the week, I trust in my life… & It’s beautiful!
You will feel a calm settling at the core of YOU and it’s magical. Let your light shine!
Heart smiles,

Power What You Need Mantra

I am calling the POWER forth…from wherever it is… I am open to receive what I need now! Claim what you need. Relationship love, health restoration, healing, opportunity, money, answers, strength, support,… connection. Whatever it is you need… Call it forth. Allow it from wherever it is to come to you.

Receive Abundance That Supports and Surrounds Mantra

I receive the abundance that supports & surrounds me! Allow yourself to “see & receive” the abundance that is ready to be yours. Allow the abundance to be received.
Walk through your day and week with a vision that is open wider to the abundance of the universe seeking you.
We live not in a withholding universe… allow yourself to move in closer to the support that surrounds you in many forms of abundance. Abundance is truly there for you, ready to receive it? Name it and claim it!

Nurture Nature Prosperous Mantra

MONDAY MANTRA: My nurturing nature makes all I touch prosperous!
It’s your nature to nurture… and all that is nurtured is powerfully and naturally aligned to thrive with prosperity. Use your extraordinary giving nature to bless yourself and your life.
Touch your money stating this mantra, hold this intentional space with all interactions, invite body healing, boost your confidence and transmit transforming energy of good. Live in the thriving grace with your nurturing nature. You are a big giver and you let your nurturing nature resonate prosperous conditions to surround you.
Feel the nurturing nature all around you and coming through you. Transform prosperity into being with your life’s touch.

You are the Miracle Mantra

MONDAY MANTRA: I am the miracle, I am longing for… You are! Can you embrace it? Can you deepen your self-love a bit more today? Open yourself to your next best step within more self-love because the miracle you need will be there to meet you. Let your longings lean you into the miracle of you.
Try saying this mantra at least 3 times today. I am the miracle, I am longing for… This is such a powerful mantra because it is a declaration built within an answered prayer. These 8 words are highly empowering. Your vibration will naturally raise to attract miraculous conditions. Speak to it. Lean into it. You are the miracle you have been longing for…

Grace Truth Let it Be Whats True Mantra

  I am open to what’s true for me and trust in life’s grace. Think of a situation in your life that needs more clarity and let this mantra guide you with ease and grace through and to your answers. Every time concern or worry enters your mind, you can...

Alive with Confidence Mantra

Alive With Confidence I Rise! Turn up the volume of ALIVENESS, confidence will rise to meet to you and help carry you, it’s a beautiful thing.
Experience the energizing effect everytime you want a boost.
…. Alive With Confidence, I Rise!
These are the words I tell my kids whenever they have worry or doubt about a situation or their abilities.
I also tell myself those exact words I use to boost myself.
Confidence is not just something the mind thinks.
Confidence is a state of being.
Confidence is ALIVENESS.
Confidence is a spiritual posture — the soul’s posture that radiates throughout the energy of you and your life.
Confidence is not something you have to try and get.
It’s not a fake to make it kind of thing because that can be so hard to sustain.
Confidence is something you already have within you.
You can access the confidence in you and let it come through. Confidence is a “remembering” of that natural connection and a practicing of allowing the ALIVENESS of it to give you the lift up you need.
May your week shine as you turn up the volume of your life’s ALIVENESS.
Confidence is the courage to not get swallowed up in feeling alone and disconnected from your core connection of LIFE to support you.
You are a radiant confident being ready to rise.
Shine on

Reach & Receive My Manifesting Good Mantra

I Reach & Receive My Manifesting Good Now. This is a go-to mantra that is easy to remember and accessible to pull upon any moment you are experiencing unknowns, when something needs to be pulled in closer that feels missing or out of reach.
You can use this mantra before making an important phone call or having the conversation. Showing up in a new place. Engaging in a new experience. Calling in something important.
Asking for the manifesting good NOW also immediately aligns us to the instantaneous good always available.
Often, we can trip ourselves up into thinking our manifesting
good is being withheld until we have earned it or we deserve it based on some patriarchal relationship with life, the universe or Source. We live not in a withholding universe. Manifesting good is the infinite supply always available and pouring forth into this abundant universe.
You can claim your connection to it now.
Claim it… I reach and receive my manifesting good now.

Authenticity Mantra

Authenticity is the fresh air… I breathe today!

Authenticity is fresh air from your soul. It fuels you with life. If you deny your authenticity you will feel yourself shrinking and becoming small. Authenticity lets you soulfully (so fully) expand.

You need your genuine power to be fueled with acts of authenticity to fuel your inspiration. Be full-on in your presence. Let your personal authenticity activate stronger. Strengthen your authentic expression.

Authenticity is allowing yourself to be the author of your life, your power, and your presence!

Breathe it, feel it, be it… in each moment with all you do, today and for the week.

Energize your expression with the fresh air of your authenticity!

Let it rise.

Miracle Today Mantra

MANTRA: I am open to the miracle of today. There is always a beautiful solution ready to present. What we need… when we need it. Let Mondays lead your week in miraculous ways. Start with today and claim the miracle you are open to receive.
What if every Monday morning before you got out of bed you repeated the mantra… I am open to the miracle of today. How would that energize your week? This mantra is easy and simple enough to remember. Let it marinate into your Mondays as a ritual to empower miracles for you.
We need a miracle mindset now more than ever. Calling in the greater consciousness with spiritually expanded solutions beyond the current lower energies circulating out of fear and disconnection. Everyday nature wakes to the intrinsic miracle of today to unfold. We can align to the same connection that is miraculous in nature that is already natural to us.
I am open to the miracle of today!

Divine Restoration Mantra

Divine Restoration renews & rebuilds my life. This mantra is dedicated for anyone who is going through a time of big change and needing Divine Restoration to enter strongly into their life.
When I was going through a big major life change, it was the repetitive messaging of a Divine restoration prayer that infused my life with hope for renewing and rebuilding what was needed in my life.
Let the repetitive messaging mantra of Divine Restoration to renew & rebuild… give you strength, trust, guidance, and healing for the restoring powers to transform all that is needed for you at this time.

Prosperity Pulls Me to Manifesting Good Mantra

Inside your ideal vision is the inspired manifesting good calling to you… pulling you to that potential future.

Align to your ideal future calling you to the vision you already inspired within your heart of knowing.

Pray and speak to that prosperous vision with open arms ready to embrace you with manifesting good. Let this mantra remind you and guide you… of the future that holds beautiful promise for you. Walk to it. Talk to it.

Use this mantra to point you in the prosperous direction ready for you.

Prosperity pulls me to my manifesting good!

You are worth it.
Speak to it. Be with it. 

Prosperity is pulling you toward it.

Vibrational Match To Your Manifesting Dreams Mantra

Begin now, this moment, to connect to your inspiring dreams, it’s your soul speaking to you.
Let yourself be led to live inspired (in-spirit) with what is truly a match to your heart’s dreams. Start with a simple step today of what is the next action you can take toward your inspiring dreams.
Attraction likes action and using the guiding mantra can help create a powerful anchor to propel you forward past self-doubt, restrictive fear or stifling resistance. Feel the calm as it washes over you when you give your attention to a {{deep breath}} and repeat… I am a vibrational match to my inspiring dreams!
Space and right attraction and action — opens up with this mantra.

Leap With Love Lead With Confidence Mantra

I leap with love… I lead with courageous confidence.

The pure love that is uncensored will spring forth your outrageous and courageous confidence.

The kind of alive confidence that does not come from the head.

You have it in you now.

Leap with love toward your life today and courageous confidence will follow.

It is not something you have to make happen from you. It is a power and life force that will come through you as you leap with love.

Shine on with leaping love and courageous confidence.

Alive with confidence, you rise.

Energy Enthusiasm Mantra

Filled with enthusiasm, I energize today! Start your mornings with this extremely powerful mantra. Repeat this mantra slowly and fully to embody…
Filled with enthusiasm, I energize today. You will naturally feel the energy rise as you make resonating rapport with your body’s natural ability for enthusiasm.
All your highly favorable good will move faster toward you in the synchronizing energy field of enthusiasm. Want more energy? Or an instant energy burst? How about a morning surge of energy to set the tone for the day…. try super-charging the mantra message with water.
As you take a drink of water, repeat the mantra slowly and silently in your mind… Filled with enthusiasm, I energize my body, my mind and today!
Try a simple meditational moment with water while repeating the mantra for your next energy surge!

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