Monthly Manifesto

Manifesto to Resonate in Truth

Right now in this very moment, you identify yourself with what you most would like to resonate with. You identify yourself with pure prosperity in all your endeavors, big and small. You identify yourself with love, deeply and fully in love. You identify yourself with purpose. You are on purpose with your life today and a life full of purpose finds you, exactly what is perfect for you. You surrender all fear and doubt. You let go of all uncertainty. You shift into a rapport of no confusion, no lack of confidence. You consciously choose your energy to resonate with.

You know what is yours will claim you, rush to you. The presence of God is within you. The mind of God is your mind. The freedom of God, the Universal Loving Presence that is the real Source of your existence fills you with grace.

Today you bestow the essence of your Original Knowing that originates in love and brilliance upon everything. Everyone you meet shall be lovely, you will see others through the eyes of God. Your soul meets the soul of the Universe in everyone. This love you feel is a healing power, touching everything into wholeness. You are one with the rhythms of life. There is nothing to be afraid of or have fear over, you live in the peace of your true source. There is nothing to be uncertain about. God is over all, in all, and through all. God, the Divine Source is right where you are. There is no separation. You are at peace with the world in which you live. You are at home with the Divine spirit in which you are. You immerse yourself deeper into the Original Knowing meant for your life and relax into your essence.