~ New Moon ~

Saturday, November 22nd

Time to bring your hopes and dreams to light! Shine brighter. Write it right. Pen to paper, antenna to God, the Universal Loving Presence of Life.

The Manifesting New Moon Ritual is such a simple practice anyone at any age can do to align stronger with possibilities ready to manifest. I love doing this ritual as a family because it’s healing and transforming at any age to bring light to the heart’s intentions. Dreams activate in that space.


This energy cycle is about truthful order. I highly encourage everyone to pick their manifesting energy word for this new moon cycle that connects truthful order for you. Make your “write it right” list and find the energy word that encompasses it. Allow your manifesting word to become the flag you set on your sacred ground.

Write some empowering statements on your “write it right” list:
My word of manifesting desire is______________.
I am resonating in the power of_______________.
I am in full reciprocating energy of ____________.
I am in rapport with ________________________.

Resonate with your dreams. Right now is a beautiful time of gratitude that leads to the miraculous gift of grace! Grace grants miracles.
Light your candle and declare fully “BeCome” to what’s in your heart.
May the love and light in you shine bright!
Wishing you many manifesting dreams.

How to Do Manifesting New Moon Ritual Click Here.

November New Moon Ritual Intention of Truthful Order

by Anne Ribley | 10 Minutes

Enjoy an 11:11 minute meditation that helps support TRUTHFUL ORDER.

Listen as often you need before, during or after your Manifesting New Moon Ritual.

(Coming soon to iTunes)

Return Home to Your Original Knowing

by Anne Ribley | 11:11 Minutes

One of My Favorite Empower11 Radio Shows for 2014 

The Core Message Creates Truthful Order!

Connection. Power. Our internal and external landscapes of life become extraordinary experiences when we align with our natural world. There is an exquisite grace that synchronizes with us and for us as we tap into the natural right conditions for our lives. How does it feel? Prosperous, thriving, in flow, organic and naturally right.

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