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Join the extraordinary global event every month during the time of the new moon as we collectively set our personal intentions manifesting our hopes and dreams. 7 Easy Steps for New Moon Ritual click here.

Our goal is to have over a million people around the world bring light to their personal hopes and inspiring manifesting intentions at the same time, lifting consciousness with our collective energies to a lighter and brighter expression of ourselves.

Let’s light up a million souls around the world! Join with many others, and manifest your dreams with a powerful meditation and prayer ceremony during the new moon time each month. The only requirement is your heart’s desire to manifest hopes and dreams into the world.

There is a strong call to uplift our voices, choices, dreams and inspired intentions for each other, collectively and connectively now more than ever.

What are you envisioning for your world with your hopes, dreams and inspiring intentions as we move toward 2020?

Energy Focus for November New Moon

1. IGNITING THE NEW YOU IDENTITY: The expansion of your purpose is literally propelling you forward with a whole new way of being. You don’t have to focus on what you are breaking free of because the new you is coming through so strong the old is falling away fast.

2. DEFINING NEW PARADIGM PARAMETERS: Your perspective is defining a new phase for you with what is your BIG yes and what is your CLEAR no. This clarity is carrying a directive of support for you with a bigger life vision. Taking the time to define your new hopes, dreams and intentions will move you into alignment with your next big co-creations that are taking shape.

3. CO-CREATING NEW CONNECTIONS: You are curating with new intentions that are matching up with new connections that support your dreams. Using your clarity to define your life design is important at this time.

“Manifesting New Moon Ritual” reveals a simple spiritual practice you can do alone, with your family, or with your partner to boost prayers, inspiring intentions, and manifestations. You are worthy of manifesting into reality your hopes and dream. Reality is merely a collaborative rapport with life to make real. Let your inspiring intentions come alive.

Time to speak, name and claim your future being into reality.
Write it right. (Pen to paper - Antenna to God, Universe, Creation)
Make space for the light of your dreams to shine.
Activate your dreams.
Light your candle.
Let your manifesting intentions shine.

Shine on ~



With GRACE, I embrace…

Look for all the ways GRACE can walk into your life in the unexpected ways. Be open to new possibilities that will reveal themselves in symy heart’s space. …the moment. …the day. …the week. …the situation. …the person. …the challenge for change. …the hardship for healing. ♥️ More on this week’s Monday Mantra is here….

Guiding Questions/Reflections for your New Moon Ritual:

My energy word/phrase that ignites my sense of new identity coming through:

What is my bigger PHASE is it a YES or a NO?

What new ways/small support steps am I initiating for my new YES/NO phase?

What new ways am I making new connections toward to uplift my co-creation with my manifesting intentions?

My future self that is already known inside of me is calling me into these areas of co-creation for my life visions:

This is how it looks ….

This is how it feels….

I am ready for…. I am soooo ready for…. I am excited about….. I am sooo excited about…..

Starting now here are my steps of tiny transformation steps toward… I am willing to name it and claim it: 

I am surrendering the bigger unknowns for solution, resolution and meaningful movement for the following:

Check it out the FB LIVE that I did yesterday talking about the Monday Mantra and the New Moon.

Inside the Remarkable Souls membership you get LIVE Monthly Connected Support with other simple practices, teachings and trainings, courses and workshops to uplift your life stamina, nourish worthiness, sharpen clarity, shift from sacrifice, survival, suffering, promote prosperity and feel inside your life’s remarkable life print here to thrive.  Next LIVE interactive course that has never been done before will be Nourishing Worthiness begins December 10th.

Join now and access Prosperity Pathway and Super-Charge your Manifesting Process. Hope to see inside the Nourishing Worthiness cycle because it will be everything you need to support your 2020 goals and dreams.

Healing Sacred Space Meditation PREVIEW

by Anne Ribley | 35 Minutes