~ Manifesting New Moon October 19/20th 2017~  

Activating Authentic Intentions

A very intense wave of transformation is happening right now. Align yourself to your hopes, dreams, desires, and intentions with the Manifesting New Moon Ritual.

The tides are turning - literally. As the new moon moves into alignment and the ocean tides pull higher, it’s time to let the manifesting energy move. We are part of nature. Right now we are clearly being reminded of the undeniable truth of our connection to nature.

The moon is nature’s rhythm and timekeeper that prevents stagnation on earth. Now is the time to express any life area that has been troubled with stuck energy and not manifesting at full capacity.

We are in a natural authentic time for getting unstuck, expressing the suppressed, and removing personal roadblocks and obstacles for new manifestations.

There is an incredible power you can access right now that is a natural magnetizing wave of energy. Call it forth by taking time to create your personal manifesting moon ritual. Use your sacred energy by holding the space of what you want to create. It’s time to envision your future self and dreams coming to life. Take yourself there. Allow it to open up for you. You are worth the dream.

October New Moon Focus:

1. Timely Truth & Timeless Truth
You are finding your balance with both sides of authentic time. It’s never too late. It’s never too far gone. There is a time when it’s always the right time in the timeless truth. You can count on the infinite, the full creating expansion of life. There is always time in the infinite nature of you. There is no need to be desperate or clingy with your desires or needs. And then there is the timely truth of you. In those fleeting moments, the moments you are called upon to act, decide, speak up, and declare. Don’t deny yourself or hold back.

Allow yourself to show up to the truth of it. Use this time to show up to your authentic dreams embedded in your soul. Now is the time to deepen your self-honoring truth on both sides of time. Show up and step forward.

2. Well-being and Worthiness Welcomes You
Let your authentic truth rise because that is where your worthy-self dwells. Let your manifesting truth and dreams breathe life. What’s inside longing to be brought to the light? Now is your time to claim your worthiness and well-being. Your dreams are ready to come forward for you. Your healthiest self, your self-love, lives in your authentic heart’s truth.

3. Leaning Into Your Longings & Self-Love
Let this manifesting time be your invitation to self-love. Every time you give non-distracted, concentrated time to awaken your true longings and dreams, you naturally begin to melt away personal roadblocks and resistance. You don’t have to worry about what feels too big, too complicated or too far away. This is not time for you to worry about the details. This is your time to lean into your longings because that is where your self-love lives.

Let your authentic dreams activate.

Create your “write it right” list (antenna to God, Source, Universe). What is your expressing energizing word for your current dreams? The new moon is your time for dreaming, creating and manifesting.

Use these statements as a guide to create manifesting intentions as a way to call in with the “Write it Right”.
I reach for ___________.
(Name something new.)
I give __________.
(What I can offer for it.)
I receive_________.
(Name your open receptivity.)
I allow __________.
(Name your space to hold.)
I am worthy of ___________.
(Claim your self-love.)
In closing to your manifesting statements, create
an energizing word to embody: ________.
(Express a power word for the manifesting cycle.)
Let it be.
Light your candle and declare fully “BeCome”!
Let your manifesting light shine into the world.
Shine on ~ Anne

October New Moon Intention Audio

by Anne Ribley | 15 Minutes

Shooting Stars Meteor Showers + Manifesting New Moon Cycle