Full Moon this weekend. As Mercury Retrograde is over be assured a new cycle and season are here. What is the miraculous transforming shift ready for you? 5 easy steps to the Miraculous Full Moon Ritual.
October brings a shifting season change on many levels. Mercury Retrograde went out with a bang for many and Eclipse Season will be starting in October. The energy movement is here.
Give attention to the intentions now being asked to be embraced. It’s a big ask to be true to what’s really stirring in you. Full Moons stir the energy for what needs alignment. What wants balance? Embrace the energy.
What is new brewing in you? Bring it into the light. Let go of what doesn’t serve or support you anymore. Connect to the clearing, the OLD moving OUT.
Energy Focus for October:
Releasing the OLD.
Transforming the NOW
Trusting the NEW
October FULL MOON Focus:
1. CROSSING OLD to NEW. The inner and outer worlds, on a personal and collective experience, are crossing the chopping waters of change. What is old that is now on its way out? Create your ritual of release and let it go?
2. REVOLUTIONARY PARADIGM SHIFTS. A whole new paradigm can revolutionize your life. What needs to shift? Look to what has been lacking, yet you know there is something more your soul has been speaking for you. Honor the shift. Tune into the transformation happening to honor your next level.
3. NEW ENERGY EMERGING. The old is collapsing for new energy to emerge. Not just “out there” in the world, it’s happening inside of you too because new energy is moving through consciousness. We are the co-creators in the world we are creating. We decide if we feed the fears or let the deeper entrapments go. Be released. Surrendered. Allow the new to come through by releasing any blocks.
Write it right. Pen to paper. (antenna to God/Source/Life). Create your ritual of release. Never underestimate the power you hold for your prayers to be heard, healed, and transformed with life’s miracles.
Full Moons are heightened times, a gift from nature at work in synchronicity to initiate and accelerate a shift and miraculous transformation. Show up for yourself with all your attention and create a Sacred Sunday with the peak of the Full Moon.
Shine on ~

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