Create Sacred Ritual + New Moon, October 6th Inspire Your Manifesting Intentions & Dreams Into Life. Now is your time. What is your season to claim? New Moon Ritual 7 easy steps here.  
During this New Moon with Mercury Retrograde cycling now until the upcoming Full Moon you can use this power time to let your heart lead you in what matters.
Using the retrograde phase of slowing down to the depth of what is ready for you. This New Moon and Mercury Retrograde gives rise to re-writing your truth from the inside-out to guide your next step.
What life area has been speaking to you for new creation in a season? A re-birth? A whole new calling of action? Let your heart lead to answers and activation.
October New Moon Focus:
1. Heart Matters ~ As so much is shifting rapidly in the world around us. Now is the time to look directly into your heart matters. What matters to you? What is in your heart? What holds weight and space in your heart? What needs to come in and what needs to out?
2. New Decisions & Direction. ~ Re-direction of your personal energy and power will bring new decisions and commitments. Name and claim what is ready.
3. Activate. Initiate. BeCome. ~ Nourish the soil surrounding your soul’s presence. Plant the seeds of your dreams, intentions for what is needs to initiate. Get started. Going. Growing. Becoming.
New Moon in this Mercury Retrograde period calls for defining and re-defining what’s next all with what matters in your heart.
Questions to prepare for the New Moon.
What matters to you at this time?
What directions do you need to make decisions in?
What is calling for action and activation in a new way with your heart in mind for you?
What’s your next move?
What wants to move for you?
What do you need to move with?
What do you need to move away from?
What move are you ready to declare on the New Moon?
Pen to Paper (antenna to God, Source, Universe).
Name. Claim. Write it right. Bring it to life.
Create your energizing power word for the new season now here.
Give your intentions freedom to BeCome and be!
Shine on,

This simple mantra breaks the illusion of lack or blockages. Instantly aligning with the principle that we live not in a withholding universe. Connect to the miraculous serendipitous nature of life, try repeating this mantra at least 3 times with your eyes closed, daily.

You are worthy of receiving what you need for your best well-being.

Pull-on the energy from wherever it is… you are connected to EVERYTHING you need.

Let this mantra boost your week with the energy to materialize something fabulous!

Give yourself the gift of instant peace!

This mantra is miraculous and I have called upon many times because of how powerfully instant, it works.

Declare it in your mind and feel how powerful this mantra is in shaping a shift towards peace, immediately.

Repeat anytime you feel conflict whether in thought or a situation.

May peace be with you!