~ Miraculous Full Moon + Lunar Eclipse ~ September 16-17th 2016 ~

Transformation is happening for your very own personal season of change. Buried beneath the surface of your life are seeds of truth ready to be activated. Receive the richness ready for you. Create your Miraculous Full Moon Ritual. 

In what specific ways have you been holding yourself back? 
What is layered deep beneath the surface of your current life?
What fears or built up layers have held you back? 
What truth of pain, suppression, or blockage has been pushing up to the surface for you lately?

Have you felt emotional or triggered by a certain heat or weight ready to be released? We are moving through the ending of mercury retrograde with the lunar eclipse full moon that heightens relationship transformation. It’s time for spiritual house cleaning and clearing.

The extraordinary seeds of the Sequoia tree (the largest tree in the world) are activated ONLY through the transformation of heat and fire. There are seeds of truth buried beneath your layers that are ready to be activated and released for your healing and transformation.

Don’t deny or delay. Let yourself express and be refreshed with renewal, and move straight into the light of truth.

September Full Moon Focus:

1. Peel away particular patterns buried deeply within. Look to the core areas of your life that have felt stuck and cemented either with long held conditioning. Look to most hurtful events that are speaking to you for transformation and healing.

2. Shifting into the soul of you. Peeling particular patterns holding your fullest self back. You are not your body, your mind, your relationships, your work, your job/profession, your roles, your money. You are the light of your soul living through your human experience. Hold sacred place to nurture the seeds speaking within the soul of you. Be true. Shine the light to find and connect to the core of you.

3. Drop down to the truth. Be still. Release the noise. Lift the weights burying treasures of you ready to be activated. Be kind and nurture your soul. Connect to the core of what is real. The treasures of the truth of you will be revealed.

You can use the spiritual practice of natural alignment with the Miraculous Full Moon Ritual for reflection and release. 

Also, it will be important to drink lots of water over this upcoming week and weekend while we are in such a sensitive boosting energetic time. If you can go sit outside and let your feet or part of your body touching the ground. Get grounded with the earth, sit on the earth. Connect to the universal ground we all walk upon. Feel the connection to life.

Give yourself the transformational gifts that are ready to settle into your path for you to rise.  
Claim your change.
Write it Right. (Antenna to God, Source, Creation)
Your timely transformation welcomes you.
Shine On ~

September 2016 Full Moon Intention Audio

by Anne Ribley | 15 Minutes

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September Full Moon

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