POWER WEEKEND for Sacred Ritual + Manifesting Super New Moon, September 28/29th it is a powerful transformational cycle ahead that holds prosperity for you. Easy steps here: New Moon Ritual.

This is the third Super New Moon which has sticking power for your intentions to ground and grow.

Use the spiritual practice of the Manifesting New Moon Ritual during this highly magnified time to promote your natural prosperity. (Prosperity - in origin is PRO-THE-SPIRIT of you)

What has your soul’s yearnings been moving you toward? That is the natural prosperity in you speaking and seeking alignment and embodiment of your life’s expression.

What future vision in you is asking for you to step forward? Create the sacred time to listen, give honor and bring to light what has been buried that now wants to birth new expression that promotes your natural prosperity.

Focus for September New Moon:

How you have been relating to everything is changing and upgrading in a new consciousness. You are in your passage of burning off, dissolving the intense, heavy, overwhelming “old that is to go”. All your relational connections are on the horizon of new relational connection that promotes the prosperity of your spirit.

Express into being your new chapter for nourishing the prosperous self-worth that is already inherent in you and ready to be lived by you.

Oprah lived into her own prosperous becoming. She has shared how reciting Maya Angelou’s poem, Phenomenal Women became her. “I didn’t believe I was a phenomenal woman. I spoke it into being. What I wish I knew then is the power of speaking my future self into being.”

It’s time to “write it right”. EXPRESS IT INTO BEING antenna to Source, God, the Universal Loving Presence, the Divine, the life you are ready to live and express.

3. IGNITE THE LIGHT OF YOU. EMBRACE. EMBODY. Ignite the light of your life print of dreams ready to come alive. It’s time to thrive in your own becoming as a remarkable soul.

New hopes, dreams and intentions are to be written in your book of life.
Name it to life!


Shine On ~

Empowering Abundance Meditation

by Anne Ribley | 15 Minutes

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