Manifesting New Moon Ritual

Sunday, September 13th

Time to check in with your intentions with creations. Set  and reflect on your prayers, dreams and wishes to what you want to manifest. 

This weekend is filled with highly magnetizing energy to energize your dreams.

Bring light to your intentions.

Find some sacred time on Sunday. Write it Right. Pen to paper (Antenna to God). Light your candle. The Manifesting New Moon Ritual is such a soulful ritual that can make the true heart desired manifestations magical — for any age.

I honestly get blown away watching how my children use this soulful time to align with their heart filled intentions.

Join the collective movement of a million lights on this manifesting new moon.

All of life is a dream unfolding.

Get inside the dream that is speaking to your heart.

Steer your soul to follow the direction of your dreams.

Let the light of what is ready to shine be activated brighter in the world.

“True desire in the heart for anything good is God’s proof to you sent beforehand to indicate that it’s already yours.” ― Denzel Washington

Important question to ask for the Manifesting New Moon right now… is what do you want?

What do you really want?

Finding solid soulful answers steers our dreams with unimagined powers that are miraculous.

It’s that time to bring out into the light.

Let your light shine ~

Namaste, Anne

P.S. I’m racing out the door tonight to go to a Santa Barbara Preview of Oprah’s New Series — BELIEF. Oprah is so proud of this global series — she has been putting this together the past several years (3 years and 33 countries). It’s all about the uniting of connection and meaning we all seek through our rituals and practices with life as human beings.

Access the powerful boosting time of the Manifesting New Moon!


  • Create a sacred space with meditative music.
  • Write a list of what you want to “Become and Be” in your life.
  • Write down the new intentional changes or growth you would like to bring forth in your life. Write it right, pen to paper (antenna to God, Source) with prayerful intention. 
  • Read and allow what you wrote to absorb and infuse into you, fold it and place next to the candle! Write the one word that summarizes the energy, you would like to create. You can put the word on your list or write it on your candle.
  • Light the tealight or prayer candle and speak the words out loud… BeCome!
  • Sit meditatively with your candle lit, hold sacred space inside for at least 11 minutes. If you use a tea light you can let it blow on its own or you blow the candle out and watch your prayers rise up to the world.
  • Allow and surrender to miraculous manifestations on their way!

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