Today, I smile BIGGER, brighter & more!

A smile is gratitude’s expression. Every smile you give to life. LIFE gives more smiles back. Smiles have the reciprocating power to expand and spread happiness.

…. Today, I smile BIGGER, brighter & more!

Let today’s mantra the energizing awareness today as you smile bigger, brighter and more with every encounter, each person and with all situations. One of the fastest ways to raise your vibration to a high frequency is letting your smile radiate bigger, brighter and more. 

Heart Smiles

The Monday Mantra Limited Edition Gift Bundle. 

Every card is filled with incredible love and power.

Included in the gift bundle set is a pocket mantra book of a full year of 52 mantras, one for every week.

Great gift for yourself. Great gift to give.

Plus each gift bag comes with a unique synchronicity stone with a power word to give that right message at the right time and meaning of energy to work with throughout the year with the mantras.