Solar Total Eclipse + final New Moon for 2020. Tremendous transformational energy is here to the end of the year. Clear the slate to claim the space for the new. Renewal with the New Moon Ritual 7 easy steps.
Power-packed energetic time rides us to the end of the year. New Moon Solar Eclipse rides us through the dark and into the light. Eclipsing the stagnate energies for new creation to cycle in.
What has been stagnated? Deeply stubborn? Sabotaging or stifling, suppressed that needs to go? Total Eclipse. Done. Making space. Clean slate. Open for the new ready to step on through?
Solar New Moon December Energy Focus:
1. New Creational Shift. The walls of falsehoods are falling down. The light of truth is igniting. You feel it inside fortifying and forming a new way for the future. Be a part of how we are each a significant light in the new creation ahead. Speak with into. Sit with it. Hold sacred space for it. The power to reveal new paths is setting into motion a new momentum.
2. Accelerated Awakening. What’s stirring in you? What is the soul work you are here to do? What’s coming up strong? What’s hidden with stagnate energy stirring for a shift? That is the power of the solar eclipse here… to shine that light on the hidden suppressed energy in the dark. Activating a birth, new emergence, an entry for new next shift taking shape.
3. Magnifying & Manifesting. Not only connect, ignite your inspiration, inner truth knowing with your intuition. Charge your magnetic force field with soul-powered prayers, directives, and life-affirming actions that set into motion intentions of change.
Pen to Paper (Antenna to Universe/Source/God) with a ritual to write it right. Long-standing energy entrapments fall away in the light of your hope and dreams.
Be true to your deeper BeComing. You are already connected to what you need next, the new is ready to come through.
Name it.
Claim it.
Clarity is power.
Now is the time.
Let the light of your dreams shine.
Shine on ~

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