Naming Your Soul Inspired Goal?

Week #1: What’s Your Soul Inspired Goal?

  1. Listen to this 11 minute intention summary to get started.

  2. Listen to this 14 meditation audio that I created for you as often as you need.

  3. Your mantra for today: I am a vibrational match to prosperous manifesting.

Welcome to Week One Getting to Your Soul Inspired Goal

by Anne Ribley | 11 Minutes

Download the mantra PDF to print out and keep around your home, work space, car and anywhere else that you’ll see it throughout your day. There are two mantra options you can choose for printing out to energize. 

One, you can print out and color your own way, which is stress-reducing, creativity enhancing and naturally magnetizing. Or you can print/cut out the already colored mantra and place in significant spaces. 

The idea is to saturate your consciousness with this positive, power generating mantra.


Prosperous Manifesting Mantra


Your Progress

You Completed Week One!

Time permitting, revisit today’s meditation multiple times because repetition builds stronger spiritual muscles to your natural receiving.

If you keep a journal, and I suggest you do because it’s one of my favorite manifesting tools, write down any impressions you receive after doing both steps for today.

Do you feel lighter? Happier? More clear headed?

I’m proud of you!

You’re one step closer to manifesting your dreams.

You matter. Yours dreams matter. Keep showing up.

Namaste, Anne

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