~ Pink Super Full Moon ~
It’s a heart-healing time.
Time to boost your blooming.
(5 easy steps to the Miraculous Full Moon Ritual.)
The true healing heart knows the way and it is coming in strong on the spotlight of the Super Pink Full Moon. Whatever is deeply needed to be healed, released, and transformed is bubbling straight to the top for a shift.
In this strong super full moon, the energy is coming in super-charged for the needed change. The full moon ritual is a simple spiritual practice enabling you to release the surrender your heart’s most truthful desires.
April’s Energy Focus for the Super Full Moon:
1. LIGHTING THE WAY. The spotlight is shining energy on what needs to shift. The past ways are done. The new potentials for the future are coming through as your whole new story is shifting and shaping.
2. ELECTRIFY. ENERGIZE. EQUALIZE. The rush of what is shifting is coming in so strong there is no denying it. Lines will be drawn. Boundaries born. Past put in the past. Forward movement to find the future. Equalizing whatever has felt absent, unknown, out of balance, or is now expired is spotlighted and seen for what it is.
3. DRAWING LINES & LETTING GO. You are feeling lines being drawn. The old is done. No turning back. You are letting go with forgiveness to yourself, others, and all that has gone before to embrace the new emergence in all the ways it means for your future.
Write it right. Pen to paper — antenna to God — Universe/ Source/Creation with connection your heartfelt release and desires for the new directions here to shape the new story ahead.
Let your light shine.

 Support Enhancements

Now is my time. I draw the line. What needs to be claimed? For you? For your world? Our world?
What’s the no turning back line for you, right now?
What’s your commitment of your truest heart-felt forward future?
What’s ready?
So ready?
What’s in its’ time?
To blossom?
To become?
What needs to come undone for your NOW time?
What past is over?
What chapter has closed?
No more reading from the old chapter of your book.
Something new is ready to be born.