We will all feel it this week.
Strongest supermoon of 2022.
Synchronize with your most supreme destiny. 5 easy steps to the Super Full Moon Create your Miraculous Full Moon Ritual 5 easy steps.
The same as how the sun dictates our rhythms for day and night. The moon is one of the most powerful natural keepers of magnetic energy moving cycles and seasons into completion. And this SUPER full moon is an extremely energy-boosting time for stopping and starting not only a new cycle — an entirely new STAGE.
What is the stage you are being called to step upon and into? Show up in a much bigger way. It can be in your external world of new ways or your internal world of more faith, confidence, connections, and inner direction. Or it could be a whopping stage of both for you.
1. REDEFINING REALITY: All we have to do is look honestly into the heart of our own life and the world we see to know that reality is being redefined. We are being pulled into it — called forward to it. Each and every one of us is needed to show up and make the choices and decisions to move a new direction into reality.
2. RELATIONAL REVOLUTION: How we are relating to each other, ourselves, and life is under a major transformation causing a revolution in how we relate to our values, genuine connection, truth, and ultimately our expression to each other and life. You will find it showing up in your most intimate relationships and your biggest worldly connection.
3. AWAKENING ACCELERATION: Wherever we have been asleep, numb, avoiding, running, freezing, reacting, or suffering in old ways of being and patterning an activation is stirring a fresh new awareness alive.
Let yourself “name and claim” what is in your time to release for completion. Connect. Write it right (pen to paper — antenna to God/Creator/Source) with the holy power you hold to write a new reality with focus, faith, and frequency needed for the new stage emerging.
Whatever you give your attention to this week of the Super Full Moon with your full intention has the power to become the living breathing reality of the future. Since, this is the third consecutive supermoon it has the sticking power of three to reach a new way, a new reality, a new stage, and a new world individually and collectively. Whatever you are connecting to becomes the contribution into our collective community of life.
Let it be good.
Let it be of the divine Godly way.
 Let it lift your heart and the hearts of others.
We need you.
We need your dreams.
Let it shine.
Shine on~

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Super Full Moon LIVE EVENT

Get the absolute most out of the strongest Super Full Moon 2022 with a deeply moving guided experience. In Connection & With Community. Come inside and sit by the flame of our hearts to thrive ALIVE together.

Event Includes:

  • Breathwork 
  • Meditation with Healing Somatic Movements 
  • Guided Releasing 
  • Integrating the 7 Core Bodies
  • Cleansing & Expanding in the areas of Relationships, Purpose, Home, Money, Wealth, Health, Healing, Heart Awakening, and Unleashed Expression.
 North America 
Wednesday, July 13th 
5:30 pm PST (Los Angeles, CA) (Vancouver)
6:30 pm MST (Denver, CO)
7:30 pm CST (Chicago, IL)
8:30 pm EST (New York, NY) (Torondo)
Thursday, July 14th
 8:30 am (Sydney, Australia)

Heart Centered Meditation for Healing & Transformation

by Anne Ribley | 15 Minutes

Creating Sacred Space for Ceremony & Rituals

by Anne Ribley | Meditative Words & Music for Rituals