September Super New Moon. The Turning of Transformation Tides is NOW. You can create a powerful practice/ritual with 7 easy steps Manifesting New Moon Ritual. Super-charge your manifesting intentions with New Moon Ritual 7 Easy Steps here .

We have the Super New Moon of September following up with the Equinox. A great power source of energy equilibrium. This power charged time is a natural rhythm recharger for the needed corrective balance between contrasting perspectives. Light and dark. Negative and positive. Introspection and expression. Inner and outer.

We are in a powerful passage with a new season coming, BIG time in many many ways. Let yourself reflect on what has been your personal harvest from the past and allow its’ closure and completion. We are being pushed into planting new seeds that have wanted to come alive. The September Super New Moon helps turns the transformation tides of the paradigm shift happening.

3 Energy Focuses for September Super New Moon:

1. TRANSFORMATIONAL TIDE SHIFT. There is a clarity happening that is causing affirmative action in a new direction. New lines are being drawn and becoming clear as the suppressed is now surfacing with new energy to shift the transformation tide into the needed new direction.

2. TRUTH ALIGNMENT IGNITING. The light of truth is igniting something to come alive. You might be feeling your call to align with the “alive truth” within blazing new pathways for a new way, new story and new cycle and season coming through.

3. AMPLIFYING MANIFESTING ACTIVATION. Safeguard your inner sanctuary of truth as new manifestations of creation come through. Don’t get diluted or distracted. This powerful time offers a massive activation and amplification with inner and outer power. Your light of truth will carry many new blessings beyond anything you have known before, if you are willing to let go of the old. Shed. Surrender. Forgive. Yourself. Others. You will free the future to what wants to become.

Activate light. Ignite your truest intentions. 

This is a new season of becoming.  What are you willing to become? 

Let the new manifesting energy move through you for what your life wants to become from the inside out.

First, be willing to name it. 

Then, let the powerful forces and sources of life help carry you with the claiming of it into a real living reality .

Your time is now. 

Let it BeCome.

All your power is connected to your real mighty YES. Your true congruent yes, stamped with what feels authentic and genuine. Not an automated yes that comes from avoiding conflict or people-pleasing that contorts you into a compromised version of yourself.
Every time you don’t honor your true yes, you deplete your body of the internal integrity to be in healthy harmony. A big price in health or emotional ease is paid.
The yes full of power residing deep within, connected to real clarity. It’s the YES that is mighty. A mighty YES of power because it all holds all the power of the source that radiates from your soul, your direct divine connection of karmic right action.
Intentions, manifesting desires, agreements, connections, and commitments are BLESSED when they are in the truly honored YES that is your YES.

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