You Are A Miracle

Form the intentions of the miraculous creations you would like to be in the experience of… Posted by Anne Ribley, Writer - Inspiration Trails on Wednesday, September 4, 2013 You Are A Miracle! You were born a miracle You are STILL a miracle unfolding Always keep remembering the miracles you are worthy to receive, Starting right...

Reach For Today

Posted by Anne Ribley, Writer - Inspiration Trails on Monday, December 9, 2013   Life is fragile. Take nothing for granted! Life is strong and ever-willing ~ anything is possible. Life is constant ~ God, the Creator, Creation, is everywhere, and always available! Humbly kiss the moment ~ live in full possibility. Access the bountiful source of life! Reach for...

Open Up & Shine!

May you allow your brilliance to shine. Unfold. Open up. Reveal. It's all in you. Nurture and remember! Posted by Anne Ribley, Writer - Inspiration Trails on Thursday, April 17, 2014 Are you ready to open up and shine?   …and after the long hard rain, she opened up ~ To radiate all her beauty, that had always been there Perfectly designed and ready to...

What’s Your Art of Living?

I care about art.

I care about the real art, we are making with ourselves as human beings.

The art of our soul expression that represents our life form. The art that represents the human being we are — to ourselves and others.