December 2016 New Moon

Last New Moon 2016 December 28/29th Manifesting New Moon Ritual ~ December 28/29th. This will be the last new moon of the year. Reflect. Breathe in thoroughly a year review. Inhale. Exhale. Expand. Connect. Dream. Give intention. Speak your prayer. Offer the light. Set your intentions. The 7 simple steps of the Manifesting New Moon Ritual. This New Moon is rich. A new cycle to fully embody the new chapters to be written. 2016 is closing out with a New Moon during a Mercury Retrograde period. This precise alignment beckons you in the deepest way to get clear. Get perfectly clear on what gifts and lessons you have received during 2016 and what new understandings you are taking into 2017 for your most needed transforming manifesting shift. Write it Right. Pen to paper (Antenna to God). Light your candle. This last new moon is a special one that I highly recommend you get your family (works miracles at any age) to join you. By reflecting on the year’s cycle of ending and beginning you energize your new year with a stronger clarity. To say 2016 has been an intense year of reflection and truth-rumbling is an understatement. You have been stretched. Expanded. Asked to believe in yourself in new ways. Asked to believe in others in new ways. Your path has been primed with your own initiation to empower an emergence for a completely new way of life for 2017. Are you willing to walk into the gifts that are ready to unfold for you? This New Moon brings in profound power of reflection to give 2016 closure and...
April New Moon 2015

April New Moon 2015

Time to bring light to intentions, hopes and dreams. Bring the light of presence to what you want to intend into your present life!
Use the power of this weekend to invite the spark of light for the inner alignment of your dreams.
The way chirping birds can tell us a new day has begun, the moon’s movement speaks to us on cycles, balancing alignments, and new beginnings. We can use this boosting time of the new moon to bring light to our intentions, hopes, and dreams that want to emerge and expand.
The April new moon is a powerful time to allow our intentions to spring forth into tangible form. It is a time of new beginnings, new cycles of new growth, and manifestations.

Calling Forward the Dreams

Wow! Life shifts to meets to us in powerful ways when we are willing to call our hopes and dreams forward. Create a powerful manifesting moon ritual.