You Are Fully Worthy Of Happiness

As my life spiraled into a frenzy of complication, I lived in a place where I was tired of doing more and more to make it right. My husband and I were married for ten years before we started having children. At one point, all the people around us in our lives thought we were this awesome couple to look up to. And the truth of the matter is for the level of maturity at this point of our lives, maybe we were.

Activate! Manifest! Now Is The Time To Begin In The New!

Thirteen years ago on this exact date, I woke up with the clear indication that it was time to birth forth new creation as I went into labor with my first child. Although he came in the middle of the night and he wasn’t born until July 7th, as all parents will remember those moments (hours or even days) before the baby comes we know it’s happening.  No turning back, it isn’t an option. Only forward progress to birth new creation into the world. I remember being very much a part of this experience, yet I was also not totally in charge, in control or even alone with it because the powers that be, the magnanimous power of life was directing the non-stop course for new life to come forth. I remember after it was all done.  Staring down at my new baby, feelings ranged from immense love, to a settling calm after much anticipation and unknown mystery. It was an incredible surreal dream when I met this little person for the first time, face to face. As we approach a New Moon on July 8th, when the Sun, Moon and Earth come into alignment; the Moon will be in its darkest point of it’s cycle around the earth. What does that mean for us? It means it’s time for us to activate the light of creation for what we want to ‘Become and Manifest’ and bring forth in new creation. The New Moon is a great day to synchronize with all the new manifestation we would like to call forth in our life. It is a known fact that...

Here Is Your Magic Wand!

Now, here I give you a magic wand to completely transform whatever yearns to be re-shaped for you with; the message you carry. Powerful because you carry the message automatically. It is magical and transformative, ONLY CHANGING the message you carry and how it affects everything. You hold the power to change your life. That message is enough. Here’s why… everything else re-shapes around the fundamental truth of the message you carry.

Today Is The Last Full Moon of the Year

Today is the last full moon of 2012. What a powerful day to release or relinquish all old lingering energies or feelings from the past year or longer.

Start the new year fresh and vitalizing with possibilities for your prayers, dreams and wishes to come true. I encourage everyone to synchronize with the transformative change the full moon can bring for illuminating all the dark or heavy energies to be released through a powerful ritual.