What’s Your Growing Edge?

What’s Your Growing Edge?

“This is part of your growing edge”, she said. The words casually passed from a beloved friend to me for comfort and encouragement as I was navigating a new, life-stretching situation. The words began looping in mind like a song lyric on repeat. More and more, I found myself taking in the words with an affirming yes. “This is part of my growing edge.” I haven’t stopped reflecting on that statement since that day. And even better, I can see it everywhere bubbling to the surface.

This growing edge doesn’t belong only to “them”, “him” and “her”. It belongs to all of us in some capacity in our own way. Now more than ever, each of us, are being invited to look deeper into the thresholds we need to cross individually and collectively. The powerful gift the growing edge offers is a shift of

Reach For Today

  Life is fragile. Take nothing for granted! Life is strong and ever-willing ~ anything is possible. Life is constant ~ God, the Creator, Creation, is everywhere, and always available! Humbly kiss the moment ~ live in full possibility. Access the bountiful source of life! Reach for...

You Are Fully Worthy Of Happiness

As my life spiraled into a frenzy of complication, I lived in a place where I was tired of doing more and more to make it right. My husband and I were married for ten years before we started having children. At one point, all the people around us in our lives thought we were this awesome couple to look up to. And the truth of the matter is for the level of maturity at this point of our lives, maybe we were.

Today Is A Powerful Time to Release!

Debts can have a devastating damaging toll on your life. Debts show up karmically, emotionally, financially, energetically and spiritually.They rob us of living our authentic life of freedom and peace. Join the conversation turn your life up to 11 with zero debts.