We are in a rare intense energetic window with many cosmo connections amplifying change.

5 easy steps to the Miraculous Full Moon Ritual.

Total Lunar Eclipse Super Full Moon Energy Focus:
1. Freeing. Finding. Feelings. What needs to be freed from the eclipsed suppressed power source of a long-held story that will finally be done? What is the feeling, your most potent energy-intelligent frequency you need to free for your future? Tune in and transform with the current energy vortex.
2. Future. Frequency. What is the truest most genuine feeling that will carry the frequency you are here to honor in this time for your life? What is the feeling shift here for you that you can shape the new story of what is next in your future to unfold?
3. Releasing. Right Energy Field. What has been eclipsed? Suppressed. Kept you hidden or small? Or shrinking? In some form of your power source? Let’s time to name and claim the letting go because it will be done. What needs to be eclipsed? What has been draining, depleting or hiding your heart’s truth? We are in a rare time of power source shifts to impress the right energy field for your miraculous change.

Write it right. Pen to paper. (antenna to God/Source/Life). Create your ritual with grounding yourself with the elements. Air. Water. Fire. Earth. Alignment activation of clearing your inner space and let your right reality frequency move into the field of life and all possibilities.

Miracles are here to stream in.

Let your light shine.

Write it right. Let it go.

Shine on ~


 Support Enhancements

Ask yourself these two important questions to help define and activate your miracles to finding you.

“What do I need, really need?”  Not kind of, sort of need, ask what you genuinely, ‘real deal’ need.

Next, ask, “Have I given this need a commitment to resolve itself?”  

Look to your dreams/desires over the next six months and use these 2 important questions to guide you.

Both of these defining questions activate the clarity of Divine Order to support you with miraculous conditions as your miracles find you.

Ride the miracle stream energy during this amplified power time rushing in. On the May 21st, the 21st Week of the 2021 year we entered into a Grand Square with the Sun & Jupiter, two of the biggest power planets and now following this week a Total Lunar Eclipse Super Full Moon. Times are highly transformative. Placing your attention on the Miracle Stream presence of the upcoming weeks can lead to profound blessings.

In this 21-day Miracle Stream Mantra Challenge Experience, you will connect to the miracle stream ready to support and carry you for what is needed for you now.

The Miracle Stream experience is filled with daily mantras, immersive meditation experiences, and specific journal entries for synchronizing a stream of miracles immediately into your life.

  • Daily Miracle Mantras
  • Deep Immersion Subconscious Programming
  • Mini Meditations 
  • Daily Miracle Reflection Prompts

Join me on the Miracle Stream for the next 21 Days for 15-20 minutes a day.

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