LOVE Authenticates

Welcome Home

At Home with Soulmate Jack Voorheis

If your soul gets tired always know that my home is open to you. You don’t even need to ask. Just come to the door and I will let you in. I will serve you something warm to drink and something satisfying to eat. Your insides will begin to feel the comfort of fullness. I will let you take your shoes off and get comfortable in a big comfy chair by the fireplace.

I will ask you to put your tired feet on the footstool and rest. Whatever is heavy in that moment I will ask you to forget about and let the nearby fire just warm you from your feet all the way up to your ears.

And we will just sit with each other as friends and have a heart warming fire chat that holds no burdens. Into that moment you will relax where your soul knows rest. In that meeting place with your soul you will find renewal again.

When the new day opens up, you will have the strength and clarity to live the adventure of life joyfully knowing my home is always here for your renewal.

Always a Friend,

God…Source…Universal Loving Presence…Creator

With Luv&Smiles,