4 Week Online Writer’s Retreat

January 23 -February 13, 2020

Anne Ribley & Dawn Marie Jordan present a virtual creative container for those ready to write the remarkable story that wants to be brought to life.

     Write Your Remarkable Story ™

You know. The story that changed your life, that changed how you feel, look, act, what you believe, what you trust, who you love, who you spend time with, where you turn your attention.

Or the riveting story you can’t let go of until it’s understood, embodied, ensouled and told to other people because it’s so extraordinary you can’t possibly keep it bottled inside. 

Bringing your story to life…

The experience that blew your mind, opened your heart, made you change your job, recalibrate all your intimate relationships, uncover your bonds to the earth, the sky, walked you into the dark and brought you up to the light. 

Open to the story ready to be told…

 Or maybe a fiction story that sits in the bottle of your imagination that keeps lapping the shore of your mind saying… write me. Bring me to life. Let me live. As a novel. Movie. Song. Poem. Or whatever creative project that fan the flame of a spark inside of you.

Anne Ribley & 

Dawn Marie Jordan

Anne and Dawn want to help you unleash, release and uncork that story wanting to be told so 2020 begins with you stepping into living alive, aligned, writing down the bones of your remarkable story.

Dawn Marie Jordan 


Creator of The BodyWizdom Way ™ 


Anne Ribley

Writer / Speaker / Sacred Space Holder

 7 Live Interactive Sessions You Will:

✔️Lift and shift writing overwhelm

✔️Learn how to get unstuck

✔️Practice peaceful conversation with your inner critic

✔️Learn how to tap into your soulful creativity at will

✔️Learn how to BodyCheck ™ for flow

✔️Create your writing ritual

✔️Maintain momentum to keep your flow moving on the page

✔️Land your remarkable story on the page so it can be shared 

 Weekly Sessions

SESSION 1: Making Sacred Space to Write

✔️ What’s the Soul of your Remarkable Story?

✔️ Staying Present: Sole Focus

✔️ Overcoming Overwhelm

✔️ Creating your Sacred Space to Write

✔️ Embodying Words and Landing on the Page

SESSION 2: Activating Your Voice

✔️ What does your Soul have to say? 

✔️ BodyWizdom exercises for Vocal Ease

✔️ Automatic writing exercises. 

✔️ Building your writing ritual

SESSION 3: Determining the spine of the story

✔️Order. Outline. 

✔️ BodyWizdom exercises to align your spine, breath, creative flow

SESSION 4: Entering the River Where It’s Easiest to Write

✔️ Begin writing where you’ve got soulful intensity naturally flowing

✔️ BodyWizdom exercises to maintain creative rhythm and flow  

Begins: Thursday, January 23, 2020 

75 minute sessions include Q+A

Thursday Main Session schedule:

January 23, January 30, February 6 and February 13 

Time: 6pm PST/9pm EST

Saturday Writing Momentum Session schedule:

January 25, February 1 and 8

Time: 11am PST/ 1PM EST

45 minutes include building creative flow, answering urgent questions and getting unstuck.


Gift Yourself or Gift a Friend or Family Member!


Payment Plans Available 

Save $50 with One Payment (11% Savings)

All sessions will be recorded for REPLAY and the processes will be tools you can own and use to help you move forward with momentum with your writing.


Gift Yourself or Gift a Friend or Family Member!



Payment Plans Available

Save $50 with One Payment (11% Savings)

Itinerary & Details for Interactive Sessions