As we all go through a profound and intense time of transforming shifts, aligning to your true voice within and your authentic choice is ESSENTIAL. Being in alignment with your voice and your choice is not a luxury that one day when you are in the right place, with the right amount of time, or at the right body weight, with the right amount money, connected to all the right people, in the right job, in the right relationship or whatever else needs to be in right alignment before you honor and integrate with your real, true voice that becomes the guiding power of your self honoring choice.

Every time you are silenced or suppress your voice to direct your choice, a piece of your soul gets stuck in an energetic pattern or situation that betrays honoring your true self. Enduring the stuck pattern of self-betrayal causes toxic stagnation energy to set in. When self-betrayal toxicity begins to seep in, it eventually creeps into all the other life areas.

If you are feeling in some life area right now you are being shaken, dismantled, re-shaped, shifted to the very core. Your greatest power is aligning to your VOICE and your CHOICE. Is it easy? Not always as new patterns need practice with time to strengthen for deeper stamina. Today start by honoring yourself with this mantra: Today I will honor my VOICE to my next best CHOICE.

What’s your growing edge for using your VOICE to self-honor?