Monday Mantra Limited Edition Gift Bundle

52 Inspiring Weekly Mantra Card With Mantra Message

Monday Mantra cards for starting out the week with empowerment.

Mantra Pocket Book

A beautiful pocket book with one full year of 52 weekly mantras including mantra messages.

Beautiful Bundled in a Gift Bag

Complete bundle packaged in a 6 x 9 inch gold organza gift bag.

Bonus: Synchronicity Stone Inside Gift Bag

Every set contains a unique synchronicity stone for the right energy word at the right time for the receiver of the bundle.

Bonus: 9 Extra Giver Mantra Cards

Every set includes 9 extra mantra cards of the most popular mantras to give away or display in other areas of your home or take on the go.

  Currently SOLD OUT

Great Gift for Family, Your Favorite People, Kindred Friends and Co-Workers.