Big dreams need big energy!

Inside everyone is a place of real truth where their big dreams reside. I am talking about the dreams that truly inspire the soul - the deepest, truest part of who you are. These are not dreams about getting more material things and stuff. Outside stuff starts out exciting, but is only romantic for a while. In the end, it’s not the real love that inspires the soul.

There are dreams that each of us were born with that inspired our souls, naturally - right from the beginning of our lives. As a New Year approaches, I encourage everyone to begin to list - with no constraints - the ideas and experiences that inspire something in their souls. So many of us yearn each day for big changes to happen that will make our dreams become reality.

It’s all possible, our dreams.

Big dreams need big energy to fuel them!

If you want to inspire more love into your life, I know you have to inspire the fire of big love.

If you want to inspire more prosperity into your life, I know you have to inspire the fire of new opportunities.

If you want to inspire better health into your  body, I know you have  to inspire the fire of a deep resolve for health and a lifestyle that supports it.

This New Year, I am holding up the dreams that are near and dear to my heart and with no holding back, I am bringing them out to share with the world!

Life — dream it, live it and love it from the deep place within you that inspires the fire to do something spectacular in the New Year!