Silent Power Speaks.

As the world gets noisier and nosier inducing more and more reactive energy patterns, we must remember to be heard, to make a difference, to shift the energy there is a power place of connection that speaks without words and reactive actions and it speaks with real power. It has FLOW not FORCE.

During this Mercury Retrograde cycle we are currently in — connect to the power place within you where Silent Power Speaks. This is a perfect supporting mantra for the Mercury Retrograde energy we are in until the end of April.

When you pull your power inward, you connect stronger to your power source. You can accelerate your very own magnetic law of attraction by using your silent power.

Repeat the mantra “Silent Power Speaks” often this week. You will immediately stop energy leaks from draining your personal power. We could do a full retreat on these three power words in the fullness it can offer in replenishing our soul, our voices and choices in life. 

Give yourself permission to let “Silent Power Speaks” guide. You will find it energizing and refreshing in many situations. It stops the compulsive need to constantly fix things or reactively say something.

Feel your energy rise and replenish rather than drain or deplete as you {breath in fully} repeat… Silent Power Speaks… POWERFULLY and enough!

You will naturally feel your energy field expand and rise in your power.


♥️ Anne

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