The Message You Carry Matters. 

Words create worlds.

Words speak life.

Words inspire possibility into reality.

Words have sticking power to become something in life. “I have a dream,” proclaimed Martin Luther King. Oprah shares on Super Soul Sunday, “In 1978 as a young woman when I began reciting Maya Angelou’s poem, Phenomenal Woman, over and over again,  I didn’t believe I was a Phenomenal Woman, I spoke into being.”

Words pierce reality because of the power they hold. 

They can poison or uplift a population.

Hurt or heal a community.

Unite or divide a relationship.

We are conduits of information messages, “in forming into” creation the messages we carry. Messages are encoded with directed frequencies for the formation of life. 

No message is empty.

All of life is carrying a message.

Information codes of words and worlds.

Encoded directives.

Similar to how a seed holds the messaging to become a tree and something more. Me. You. All of us are walking embodiments of the messages we carry.

Messages repeated.


Filled with potent power.

Becoming living mantras.

What are the messages you are carrying?

All your cells or every bit of yourself is eavesdropping on the messages you are carrying.

Messages on repeat build energy-momentum and become living mantras.

A mantra is the compression of energy words being breathed into life.

Mantras are prayers.


Life decrees.


Power shaping carriers for creation.

Mantras serve as power sources directing the transmission of what you hold true.

A mantra message given from culture can fall flat if you don’t hold it to be true. Also if you have collected and carried heavy words from something painful or traumatic, you can lay them down.

You don’t have to carry messaging mantras that are not supportive for what you want to hold true. 

I first experienced the transformative reality-making power of mantras when I was eight years old. Following another leg surgery, I was put into a fifty-pound body cast at a time when I weighed less than fifty pounds. The doctors told my parents I would be completely bedridden for three months. My parents redecorated my bedroom with a happy and colorful theme for me to endure the confinement. 

As I was being dismissed from the hospital, in a last moment decision as an experiment, it was decided to take me down to the physical therapy department to see if I could be taught how to use the crutches with my body cast.  Their thoughts were maybe I could get enough limited mobility to help myself for a few feet to use the bathroom on my own.

As I stood up, crutches were placed under my arms with a full fifty-pound body cast under my armpits, going all the way down my right side to the end of my toes. Standing across from me, my parents encouraged me to say these words as I attempted my steps… I can. I will. I must. I am. I said the words. I can. I will. I must. I am with each struggling step, and I made it to the team of physical therapists and my parents. Everyone clapped with such a victory. Over the next three months, I was never bedridden. I wasn’t immobilized at all. Instead, I was running on my crutches with a full fifty-pound body cast and playing in the yard with my brothers.

I returned to the life-affirming power of mantras when going through a divorce, and every corner of life my life was feeling as heavy as a body cast. I was going through a divorce.

Financial dismantling.

A flatlining support system.

Uncertainty. Answers. Decisions. Directions.

All of it felt unclear.


Weighted down with immobilizing direction.

I created the following mantra as a lifeline to carry me. Allow me to know the way for me. Trust what wasn’t for me. Accept it with grace. Believe in the support to step forth. 

That which supports me… BOLDLY steps forward. That which doesn’t… GRACEFULLY steps down. 

I began to find answers and directions that were supportive by allowing myself to see what was BOLDLY stepping forward. Trusting it. When something didn’t work out, I blessed it.

Following my divorce, the thought of saying the words, I am divorced didn’t even know how to leave my lips. I had been a married woman for eighteen years, which was most my adult life at this point. 

The thought of dating was not on my mind. I didn’t even know how to begin; it seemed too complicated. Besides, how would I have time to figure out navigating a new relationship when I was solely responsible for raising my young sons, physically, emotionally, and financially?

A mantra became my lifeline to save my whirling mind when it was looking for future answers.  “Love will come to my home,” I would say over and over again.

If my mind stirred. “Love will come to my home.”

If thoughts drifted to the future, I called my mind back repeating, “Love will come to my home.” 

Three years later, unexpectedly in a business working relationship online, I met Jack. Both on opposite sides of the coast. East and west. Over the next few months, through video conferencing and online meetings, we worked together on a business project.

As the project drew to a near, one day I received a ping through chat saying, “Anne, I don’t know how to say this… I find the way your mind works very attractive.”  A beautiful love story began forming from the inside-out.  Eventually when Jack arrived in California, flowers in hand, he said, “Anne, love has come to your home.” It’s been over eleven years now as I write these words, and the beautiful love story has lived through many chapters and seasons of us being together. 

When mantras truly inspire a source of your faith and focus, it gives living breathing momentum to your words to create new worlds.

Become the living being you are ready to speak into life.

Mantras matter.

What is a new message you want to carry forward? 

♥️ Anne
*** Excerpt from my upcoming book, Soul Stamina:  Tapping into Your Inner Resilience of Your Truest Self is Your Greatest Resource

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