I AM worthy ABUNDANCE. I am allowing who I am to shine,
be seen, and received in the abundance stream supportive for me. It’s not a matter of … I am worthy OF abundance… it’s a matter of… I AM WORTHY ABUNDANCE.
Get inside the alignment of truth for your truest self to embody your inherent worthy abundance set forth for you always and in all ways. Transform all scarcity timelines with the sacred truth of your holy being here to thrive.
On this day of the 8-8 Lion’s Gate prosperity portal. Here is a mantra dedicated to the August Abundance month. Elevate your consciousness, free yourself abundance frequency past any containment fields of the past or present keeping you small, shrinking, settling, or in chronic fear.
Use abundance or prosperity mantras to help expand and grow your soul directed knowing to embody the wholeness of your worthy abundance.
♥️ Anne
Activate your abundance with the Lion’s Gate prosperity portal.
I have 3 supportive ways to move your body, mind, and soul in the abundance supportive stream for you. Give yourself the gift to blow open the doors we are all being asked to walk through for a new era emerging beyond POWER-OVER and a time of POWER-WITH. Let go of the old ways for Money/Prosperity to have power over you. Get into your alignment with your POWER-WITH prosperity.


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Sacred Money Shift

SACRED MONEY SHIFT: Shifting the Relationship with Money in a Holy Instant is a guided experience for a quantum leap. You were born from a quantum leap. A holy instant. A moment of miraculous impact. Time to fortify your financial foundation with a new frequency.

A quantum leap, a holy instant lives in your DNA and at the core of your soul. It’s the most powerful source already within you. Together during a potent power time (August 1st - 16th) we will recalibrate and expand your relationship with money in a Holy Instant.

Bold claim? Yes. It is possible and available to you. Yes. It’s already wired within you for it. 

Now more than ever, it is time to elevate beyond any fear inciting narratives being promoted around money, along with many other topics. A new era is emerging and you being enriched with wealthy resources is needed.