I Believe & It’s Magical. 

You were born from a quantum leap. Your core nature of YOU is boosting with new possibilities. Pick one area of your life that needs to be powered-up. That one area of your life that you have felt fear or constriction rattle your ability to go “all in” with believing in what’s possible for new circumstances and possibilities to step forward. You were destined to thrive. Nature is a thriving pulse of life. You are nature.

Today, allow yourself to align with your magical possibilities by inserting these power words into your consciousness.

Lift your whole focus with these power-words. What’s ready to be unleased for you? What’s ready to come through for you? Current times are calling for our most thriving change to step forward. A  quantum leap into a new way of holding, being and exchanging value with life.

Try repeating this mantra at least 11 times today. Turn up the volume of your focus to have faith in believing in the magical possibilities ready to present. Turn down over-thinking , fear inciting restriction, division, separateness, and smallness.  Turn up simple-minded focus to believe in the magical. It’s expansion to believe in the magical.

Feel the power of holding something you want to expand deeper with by drawing in a big deep breath and repeating, I believe… and letting your breath out repeat, and it’s magical… Try this 11 times today.

Let the magical reveal coincidences and synchronistic gifts to you. It’s right here for you.

Believe because life is magical.

Sit in nature.

Remember the magical nature of you.

Shine on ~
♥️Namaste, Anne

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