I connect with CERTAINTY.

In a climate of immense change and many forces contributing as catalysts of uncertainty.  It can be easy to feel unstable or uncertain about what the future holds for you, your family,  or the world in general.

There is a place of pure power — pure love — pure possibility — the all-encompassing connection of truth that lives as our inner “knowingness”. In this connection, doubts dissolve, fuzziness fades and clarity asserts.
We don’t have to try for this place of knowingness or even think our way into this connection. It is ours — always! It’s how we experience love. It’s how we say YES even when we are unsure and filled with fear.

Amazing energy will move us forward simply by repeating the mantra… I connect with CERTAINTY! I personally have found tremendous confidence to expand with this mantra. Even amidst uncertain times, there is the thread of life’s holding and carrier that contains certainty. It’s another way to behold faith. May this mantra hold the magic of confidence and certainty for you too!

Use these 4 simple words to invite in your power connection that’s right here in the NOW for you.
I connect with certainty!


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