I am open to GRACE in action!

Look for all the ways GRACE can walk into your life in the unexpected ways.

Be open to new possibilities that will reveal themselves in synchronizing grace.

Hold your faith on the frequency of GRACE in action and give thanks for the support of life to step forward in beautiful bold ways.

7 power words guide your week. I am open to GRACE in action.

Namaste ~

♥️ Anne


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North America Times 

6:00 pm PST (Los Angeles, CA) (Vancouver)
7:00 pm MST (Denver, CO)
8:00 pm CST (Chicago)
9:00 pm EST (New York) (Toronto)

Worldwide Times

1:00 pm Nov 19th  (Sydney, Australia)

7:30 am Nov 19th (New Delhi, India)

FREE Live Full Moon Eclipse Event

Thursday, November 18th

Connect. Align. Together.

I am offering a LIVE Workshop to best prepare your Full Moon Ritual during this potent power time of Eclipse Season now here. I highly recommend you attend LIVE for our collective connection and to benefit from the amplification of group energy. When a group comes together with a common intention, a powerful energetic field is created to support the outcome of each individual and the entire group. We need this connective resonance now more than ever.

Connection is the fast track to create.

The Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse offers an incredibly potent portal for current times with “Shifting - ReShaping” as we enter the new era emerging. This Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse is about releasing the old era and reshaping the whole new emergence that is ready shape something new for you. Your timeline is transforming.

(Replay will be available).