I Love MySelf!

All healing. Transformations. Expansions. Resolutions desiring to be lived into reality will result from the source of love. Divine love. 

As many times as possible for the next 7 days repeat. Again & again. Morning and night. Speak the mantra… I Love MySelf. Declare it as if you are etching a permanent vow upon your soul. A whole set of miraculous energies will seed shifts of magical new beginnings into your life, your body, your relationships, your opportunities … your world. Whenever your mind wanders toward thoughts that feel disheartening repeat the words … I Love MySelf … as the deep lingering language of pure truth.

Say the mantra often and every time your mind or a current situation confronts you with a challenging thought or choice. First, speak the mantra before responding… I Love MySelf… and you will connect to the truest part of yourself to direct a transforming shift of immense grace. I invite you over the 7 days try and say this mantra as many times as possible to yourself.

You are worth the honor.

You are worth the love.

You are worth the miracle it will evoke.




I Love MySelf Mantra Intention

by Anne Ribley | 8 Minutes

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