I Let Go to My Prosperous Flow.

Take the leap into the new paradigm your destiny is now opening for you. Let yourself be supported with the omnipotent power that is everywhere and all around — pure love — pure potentiality! Let go and surrender to the true nature of you. The true nature of life. The spirit of you is prosperity. Prosperity is PRO-THE-SPIRIT of you.

Take the leap to soar into Divine Flow, your Prosperous Flow. Let go. Clinging to the old is depleting, exhausting and expired. Let go to your flow. Try repeating today the mantra… I let go to my flow. I let go to my prosperous flow. Feel the power as you declare the Prosperous Flow that is yours to support your soaring spirit.

It’s a wonderful mantra to work with because it is not something you do. It is a radiance of prosperous energy from you and to you.

As we start a new moon welcome the letting go to your flow. The prosperous flow that is right here as close as your next heart beat to support you. Carry you. Soar with you. Synergize with you. Make miracles with you. Speak the mantra slow with a steadiness of flow in each word…

♥️ I Let Go to My Prosperous Flow!



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