Let Love Lead Me

Let love lead me… all answers are revealed in love. Lead me through the highest order of love. The love of what’s right.

The love of what softens hard edges. The love that holds answers. The love that rides with the Power of Creation to Love Life Alive. Let Love Lead Me. Let me not run with fear when love will lead me to truth and safety. Let love lead me to be at home with myself instead of seeking refuge with false sources.

Let love lead into the next era of equanimity that leads me free. Sovereign Sourced Power.

Let love lead in all decisions and directions to the highest truth of frequency full of faith and focus on the indestructible foundation.  Let love lead me to the intuitive knowing that speaks and guides with the in-tune-ness of life.

Let love lead me with a smile on my face and warmth in my heart. Let love lead me as my greatest strength to overcome anything that needs to be melted within the warmth of love’s radiance.

Let Love Lead Me