Love Presence, I am Here for You — Soulfully!

It’s easy to feel the exquisite presence of love during those happy filled divine moments. However, when I felt the most unsure, lost and filled with uncertainty, it was the core messaging of this mantra as a real daily practice to embody fully, under all circumstances that radically changed my life.

… Love Presence … softens life’s hard edges. Transforms relationships (any and all of them). Draws love in closer (not matter what your relationship status is). Synchronizes your soul with life’s miraculous serendipities in unimaginable ways — moves miracles toward you.

You can create magical meditational moments taking a deep breath with your hand over your heart repeating…

Love Presence, I am here for YOU. Soulfully {{So Fully}}

 … and all it takes is few minutes, a few times a day, a power from the BEYOND will fill in all the spaces you are unsure of with the magic of LOVE PRESENCE.

Heart Smiles,


P.S. Living, breathing, embodying this mantra… drew soulmate love to me, unexpectedly. Gave me protection with Divine intervention. Expanded my heart with healing and forgiveness. Helped clear and clean my consciousness to rise to a higher vibrational field where anything is possible! #‎mondaymantra


Love Presence Mantra

by Anne Ribley | 7 Minutes

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