I welcome my manifesting GOOD.
Hello, Manifesting May. There is a Benevolent Source of Life rooting for your best. Always.
Let your clarity come through…
What is important for you at this time to focus on what you want to be manifesting in your life?
Your focus becomes the frequency radiating out for the matchmaking process to align with your life’s good/God/Divine/Universal Loving Presence for promoting and supporting your best well-being.
Create the coherence and connection by repeating this mantra… I welcome my manifesting good.
Hold the mantra in the pure intention of your connection with the Source of Most High.
Then you don’t have to worry about blocks, stops, hurts, pain, repeating patterns, generational conditioning/trauma getting in the way of your most manifesting GOOD that wants to co-create in a matchmaking process.
See yourself well.
See yourself prosperous and abundant.
See yourself getting the money moving straight to you.
See yourself in a fantastic loving relationship.
See yourself in the home.
See yourself on purpose in your career.
See yourself beyond fulfilled.
See yourself so fully ALIVE with your manifesting Good/God.
Allowing your manifesting well-being to rise in your GOOD naturally creates restoration, healing, and beautiful outcomes.
A special mantra at a special time to welcome your May Manifesting Month. Call it in. Let the Source of Life and Love reign down upon you with your manifesting GOOD.
You are light, let it shine.
♥️ Anne
P.S. Let your ship come in for May Manifesting. It’s an ancient power metaphor & symbol for manifesting good fortune.

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