I am leaning in. My longings lead me.

Can you lean more in today?

Leaning in removes the resistance and open the stance for the dance with life.
Your longings are part of your inherent wisdom that is leading you toward what is right for you. Lean into your longings.
You have inner knowings stirring inside of you. Honor them. Let them lead you. Your dreams and desires are life’s longing for more of your own becoming. Lean in today a bit more. Trust in your destiny calling you forward with your longings to live more of you.
Today’s mantra is your permission pass to be more open, less resistant and more believing in the longings placed in your heart because they matter. Lean in on your longings. Let your longings lead you. Feel the freedom and liberation that will begin to happen for you this week with living your mantra of leaning in and allow your longings to lead.

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