I Am Nurtured By My Dreams!

Rather than feeling you must push hard toward your dreams to achieve them. Let your dreams resonate with you like a powerful nurturing force/frequency/vibration that invites peace, ease, grace and clarity of direction. 

Sometimes dreams can trigger a source of suffering filled with scarcity and lack because of worrying about them coming into reality.

Let your dreams resonate with you today in a nurturing way that invites connection. 

Repeat the mantra phrase… I am nurtured by my dreams… as often as possible throughout the day and the week. It will activate the powerful energy field around you to bring your dreams into resonating rapport for you. 

And if you give enough attention with intention for your dreams to nurture you… You will find evidence of your dreams finding you starting today! Be on the lookout and let your dreams find their connection into your energy field. Allow your dreams to nurture your well-being today. 

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