Sources of Support are stepping forth… I am supported.

Currently, we are having to look squarely at what is our relationship around true sources of support in many, many important life areas.
We can ascribe to a programming paradigm, culturally conditioning or entrapped traumatic events perpetuating not enough, scarcity or lack for support in some capacity. Support isn’t something we have to go out and get to be worthy or luckiest enough to receive.
We come from a life-giving field of support at the source. You can use this mantra to get in-tune with the true supportive nature of life.
We live not in a withholding Universe from Life’s true Source of All Things & Well-Being.
You can access this current of the real-life energy stream in the Universal Field of Abundant Possibility.
Take back your sovereign power wherever it has been displaced to otherworldly powers and be inside the Supportive Nature of Life. Repeat the mantra… Sources of Support are Stepping Forth… I am supported.
Find as many ways as possible throughout your day to align with the natural desire for LIFE to be supportive.
Life supports LIFE.
Life is the real living network.
You are inside the Divine prayer of life to support you and give your life supportive progress.
Feel the miracle of today in something that seems missing or needing more answers by holding your focus and repeating the mantra as a prayer of faith for the future knowing to the support ready to step forth for you in what is needed now. Sources of Support are ready to step forth. Allow the support. It’s available right now for you. Not tomorrow. Not some later time. Sources of Support are stepping forth, life wants to synchronize with you… feel into it today. 



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