Full Moon ~ Friday, June 13, 2014

It’s such a magnificent time to reflect, release and heal. There are superstitions around the concept of the full moon and the 13th of Friday. However, what this time really offers is a window to release, relinquish and transform unwanted karmic patterns, persistent resistance, recurring life themes that have been sticking around that you want to BE GONE!

The full moon happens because of alignment (sun+earth+moon) and it signifies our own opportunity to get into alignment with ourselves and the world around us.

I highly encourage you to use the power of the “Miraculous Full Moon Ritual” to relinquish any heavy baggage or outdated ways that have been holding back the lighter, brighter YOU!

Get lighter and climb higher.

Important reminder, we are in a mercury retrograde time period thru July 1st. It’s a timeframe for re-ordering life around us so we can clear our path to manifest faster.

May the fullness of you shine on ~

P.S. Sharing a very liberating concept that I have come to recognize… Everyone Has Their Limp… understanding when others show up with their limp can free us from the suffering caused by the overcompensating ways of others. Free yourself from unnecessary drama by knowing your truth.

Helpful links: Mercury Retrograde - What You Should Know! and Everyone Has Their Limp.

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