~ April Pink Full Moon + Mercury Retrograde Time ~
April 11th, 2017
It’s a heart blossoming healing time. 5 easy steps to the Miraculous Full Moon Ritual.
The true healing heart knows the way. Whatever is deeply needed to be healed, released and transformed is being called into the light for release at this time. No one is exempt. It’s a deeply healing call for all.
Your breath can reset you immediately back to the moment. It’s the natural rhythm of inhaling (taking in) and exhaling (releasing) — in and out — that brings restorative, intrinsic, life-giving properties to the present. The moon moves in the natural rhythm of cycles to help sustain life on earth. And we can use this natural cyclic rhythm to be brought back to what is needed in the present.
With many planets in a retrograde period, including Mercury (until May 3rd), this full moon brings the light of the clearing, releasing, and transforming corrections necessary for all of us, individually and collectively.
This retrograde period is heavily focused around worldly affairs and the necessary changes our souls deeply desire for a healthier balance for with our outer affairs.
Worldly affairs are highly magnetized right now. For you, individually, this can translate to the area of career and money. This is a time for liberating some deep powerful transformations with money and career creating the new ground to let opportunity blossom for you.
You are now ready to release with clarity whatever has been blocking your path to expand what your heart has desired.
“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” - Anais Nin
You are being strongly guided to take ownership of what you really want right now. The energy of this time period will help you to rework your goals, dreams, and wishes, so you are more aligned with your highest truth, releasing long-standing barriers, hurts, wounds or conditioning that has constricted your progress. If money/career has been an issue, you can use this time to access the supporting energy of this full moon to get things in order with your worldly affairs. Weed out old toxic ways to make new space for the growth your dreams need.
Give yourself sacred healing space, and course, correct the scattered energies that have been pushing and pulling at you. You have felt some constant fatigue from all the fragmented energies.
The full moon ritual is a simple spiritual practice enabling you to release the collected layers that need to be shed and for you to surrender your heart’s most truthful desires.
April’s Energy Focus for the Full Moon:
1. Clarity of your deeply desired dreams. You are ready to release the old stories and patterns that have been on auto-repeat. You feel the need to release long-held wounds in a very clear way.
2. Law of fair energy exchange. Getting into balance. Waking up to your worthiness to live your heart’s dream with a give and receive that has natural ease and flow. Align yourself with the natural laws of reciprocation — the breath of life — in and out, give and receive.
3. Be specific. Look squarely at your recurring hardships and name them specifically for release, so they may be puked out of the garden of your life at their roots of origin. Let them go. Surrender your specific hurts that keep haunting your life. Write it right. Pen to paper — antenna to God — Universe.
Open the space to receive the blossoming your heartfelt desires.
Let your light shine.