~ SUPER Full Moon, August 29th 2015 ~

Are you being settled into a new phase? New life understanding? New place? New relationship terms? A financial shift? Now is the time to release any deep emotional or life blocks that have stopped you from embracing what is ready to transform you. 

Have you been feeling like many things are up in the air lately? Would you like to settle your feelings and situations, or would you appreciate some clarity on how life is showing up in certain arenas of your life? You can be rest assured, if you are tuning into your life, then your life’s good is in the works for you. 

Now is the time to get yourself in tune with the NATURE of you that is ready to align with the NATURE of what your life is ready to become. Currently, everything that is happening in your life, whether it has appeared painful or glorious, is assisting you to become more of yourself with your life’s intentions. 

We do not live in a withholding UNIVERSE. Life’s good can be received and restored unto you. Let the August SUPER Full Moon Ritual serve as restorative ritual to release the aspects of yourself that have inherited a “withholding force field” due to painful life hurts and conditioning. 

This “withholding force field” is not something being done to us. It is an energetic stance that often we don’t fully realize is affecting us. The “withholding force field” collects through acts of suppression, repression and oppression. If painful life hurts get buried inside us and left unchecked they can seem like they are settling into our souls. They cloud or block who we really want to be. 

You can use this sacred time to let it go. 

This weekend of the Super Full Moon can serve as a powerful spiritual housekeeping opportunity. A chance for the “energetic clearing” to happen allowing you to receive the good that is ready to sail into your life.

The previous new moon cycle of August was the bringer of energy for many manifesting gifts. As we approach this SUPER full moon. When the moon moves in alignment with sun and earth in such close proximity, you can use the magnifying and boosting effects of the moon’s alignment to synchronize with your own serendipitous nature.

Become clearer.

Liberate yourself.

Lighten your load.

Become freer.

Let the August SUPER Full Moon Ritual dissolve, heal and transform a shift that is now ready to expand for you. 

Release. Unleash. Relinquish.  
Beginning of story…
Shine on ~

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