February Full Moon Ritual

~ Monday, February 22nd ~

You can deepen your connection to the healing and transformation that is ready for you with the Miraculous Full Moon Ritual. PLUS, you’ll receive an invitation to a Live Teleseminar on Sunday to teach you to prepare a Ritual to Release the Resistance.

As we enter into this strong boosting energy of the Miraculous Full Moon, we are being asked to “release the resistance” so that we may give “lift off” to our dreams. 

Turn it up to 11. For a rocket to launch into space it must first move past all the resistance holding it back. Once a rocket accelerates to the point of 11 kilometers per second, it reaches a “lift off” status and stays in the air with momentum. Similarly, there is a point in our lives, I like to call “turning life up to 11”.

Congruence. Alignment. Letting the oneness of our inner and outer energies resonate so strongly, we can create an energy exchange with our world that allows us to move past fragmented, dissipating or stuck energies holding us back. 

This full moon brings you an invitation to let go and release your resistance to “lift off” in your life - letting go of any area of resistance that you feel has held you back and reducing your disempowering states of dissipating energy. We all have them.

We are about to enter into 3 consecutive Super New Moons (March, April, and May) when manifesting energy will offer you a super-charging boost toward your dreams. Let yourself get into a resonating alignment with your dreams.

It’s time to remove the resistance, so you can give “lift off” to your dreams. 
Take the time to “write it right” with pen to paper, your antenna to God. Let go. Declutter your spiritual house that you live in by releasing the toxic baggage that has become heavy blankets of resistance that cover your soul’s light. 

3 Focus Steps for February Full Moon:

1. SURRENDER the SUFFERING: Whatever has been a source of pain in a worldly sense, whether it has been money, career, job, relationship(s), body/health or painful life situations.

2. SURRENDER the SABOTAGE: Repetitive patterns of hurt, perpetual trauma, repeating dramas with self or others. Any life area that has kept you revolving instead of evolving.

3. RELAX into your ESSENCE: The essence of your being can sound like such a soft word, yet it is the strongest part of you. It is your core, your center, your spirit. It is the most essential part of your being. As you relax into your being, you drop down below the noise of your life and the noise of the world, allowing you deeper access to your spiritual posture which naturally gives rise to “lift off” in the direction of your dreams with miraculous possibilities.

Let’s release our painful areas of resistance, and give ourselves the natural healing space we need.

I am having a LIVE Teleseminar on Sunday, February 21st @ 7 pm EST -4 pm PST, to share with you how to best connect to “Releasing the Resistance” to create space for your own powerful healing and transformation that leads to “lift off” toward your dreams.

Shine on ~


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