SUPER FULL Moon Ritual

November 14th, 2016

It’s a “SUPER” Super Full Moon on Monday, November 14th. It will be big. Bold. Bright. It will be a chance to surrender whatever darkness is yours, theirs and the collective’s into the light. Energize your break-through with a Miraculous Full Moon Ritual. 

Regardless of your age, culture, religion, socio-economic condition or worldly region, we are all going to be able to look up to a BIG, BRIGHT, BOLD LIGHT (a reminder, we are all connected and in this life together) over the next few days during the largest supermoon in 70 years. A lifetime phenomenon of power shining light so bright that it won’t be this big again until 2034.

What makes it such a large supermoon? The moon is traveling so close to earth. Everything will be boosting stronger, including the ocean tides and the magnetic pull of the poles. We are all part of this connection. We are feeling it now and will continue to feel the pull inside us as we approach this natural wonderful event of nature.

Let’s use this natural connecting reminder that nature gives us as a reflection of God’s light, Source energy, and the Universal Loving Presence that shines upon all of us. It’s time for relational healing, including how we relate to ourselves personally. 

Can you be unconditionally loving to yourself? 
Do you constantly berate yourself for not measuring up in some painful life area? 
Can you fully accept yourself right now?

We are in a time for relational transformation as well. Can you extend the healing needed into all your relationships, the relationships up close and personal and the ones off in the distance? 

We are in a highly intense power time to heal and transform something powerful that matters to you. Take an inventory of what feels dark, heavy and hopeless in any life area, big or small, and surrender it to transformational light. 

Lift, dissolve and resolve with alchemy for the new you. 

3 Focus Steps for Miraculous SUPER Full Moon Ritual:

1. BIG. BOLD. BRIGHT. DISSOLVE THE DARK INTO THE LIGHT: Write it right - Pen to Paper (Antenna to God, Universe, Life, Source, Universal Loving Presence) Let the heaviness that has bogged down the bright light of your spirit be surrendered. Let the berating of self, others and situations be lifted to the light of all healing and truth.

2. ENERGIZE YOUR BREAKTHROUGH: Clear the accumulated clutter that results from natural life events and living. There is a spring-loaded energy source within you seeking to be free. Create the sacred space, and speak to it in sacred prayer or meditation, pen to paper (Antenna to God) that which is ready for release. Make it something significant and specific to you. Let your spirit energize your breakthrough. It will alchemize into reality.

3. RESET TO WHAT’S NEXT & NEW: Look to what life is asking of you right now at this time. Clear the clutter to make more space to know what’s next and new for you. Get into the refresh mode of what’s next. Let this powerful energy current carry you with this breakthrough time. 

The spiritual practice of the full moon ritual is now, more than ever, calling you to take time to reflect, reset and open up to what is next.
Grab this special time and event.
Design with the Divine.
You’ve got this.
We are better with your light shining bright.
Shine on ~

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