~Supermoon - November Full Moon 2017 ~

SUPER FULL MOON Weekend, November 4-5th ~ Release. Renew. Transform. Is something out of sorts in your life? Does time seem to be out of sync for you? Do you need a deep renewal of authentic transformation? 

Right now, we are at the first of 3 consecutive SUPER Full Moons (Nov + Dec + Jan) boosting powerful energetic transformative change. A super full moon occurs when the moon is closest to Earth. It literally magnetizes and pulls forward what wants to be released and renewed. We will experience an empowering state of better-being.

This is an extremely potent time that seems almost volatile as it stirs our major imbalances to the surface. Facades are falling down all around. What’s true wants to emerge. It’s time to build a truer connection with life and each other. We are in a relational healing time, including our relationship with our true selves. 

We are in a cleansing cycle of the lower consciousness, both personally and collectively. With the three consecutive super full moons happening on November 4/5th, December 3rd, and the final one peaking on January 1st, 2018, we will welcome the upcoming new year on the day of the third super full moon. This combination puts us in a highly sensitive releasing cycle as we set pathways into 2018.

You can help yourself right now by doing the spiritual housekeeping that aligns your connection stronger to the transformative shift coming into your life right now. This will enable you to live with more honoring, truthful self-love.

Super Full Moon Focus for November 2017:

1. RELEASE & LET GO. Whether we wanted them to or not, the dark hidden realms needing a healing release are now coming out of the dark and into the light. If we don’t deny it, fear it, or avoid it, the growth that wants to renew us in a truthful way will increase our self-love and promote relational respect between one another. This releasing time is about deepening our relationships with self and others.

2. WHAT’S TRUE WILL TRANSFORM ANEW. If we can acknowledge and accept what’s true right now, we will lead ourselves out of the woods of disconnection and stuck energy that has been causing painful suffering. We can find our paths to higher altitude that transform us in new, truthful ways of being.

3. SYNCHRONIZE YOUR SOUL. We have been hurting in many ways with disconnection, suffering, power misplacement and being out of sync with time or a situation needing clearing. The super-moon times hold powerful aligning potential to bring into balance what has gone too far in the extreme. Let your soul speak. Synchronize what’s true for you.
You can write it right. (Antenna to God, Source, Universe)
Let it go.
And let your transformation begin.
Shine on~