January Empower11 Radio Shows

January Empower11 Radio Shows
Jack Voorheis & Anne Ribley


Connecting To Our Power World

Connection. Power. Our internal and external landscapes become extraordinary experiences when we align with our natural world. There is an exquisite grace that synchronizes with us and for us as we tap into the natural right conditions for our life. How does it feel? Prosperous, thriving, in flow, organic and naturally right.

January 22, 2014

Your Life the Ultimate Gift

You are a miracle. Your life is a miracle. You are the only YOU on this planet. Begin right now to remove the resistance that prevents you from embracing and empowering the miraculous gift of your life. You matter. Your dreams matter. Live the gift of you!

January 15, 2014

Empower Life Self Healing

January 8, 2014

Getting Inside Your Life

Tap into your power place for self healing. Healing is an inherent mechanism built into the natural order of life. Empower self healing in your life by making the shift to align with your innate capacity for healing in any aspect of life. Join the conversation as we explore the topic of making a deeper alignment and connection to self healing.

A New Year brings new aspirations. Allowing ourselves new beginnings and resolutions is really about giving ourselves permission to get inside our best life. Join the conversation as we explore what it means to get into our authentic life and power!

January 1, 2014

Manifesting Hopes & Dreams

http://www.empower11.com Get into your rhythm of flow to hold strong to your hopes and dreams that you would like to manifest this new year. Join the conversation as we explore how to empower the undercurrent of energy in you and around you. Create a powerful rapport inside to nurture your heart’s desires for 2014!

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