MY FRIDAY FELINE SHARE: For all my feline fans out there. Couldn’t resist this quote!

I was seriously born loving cats of all kinds, big and small.

Here is a story my mom and I will always laugh and talk about for the rest of our lives. Since, I was run over by a lawn mower at the age of two; my childhood resulted in some excruciating surgeries on my leg growing up. One of the surgeries when I was eight years old, I remember the pain felt ridiculously unbearable. I said to my mom something like this weeping in pain… nothing is working… the pain is too much. 

She left the hospital room and went into the bathroom stall where she prayed in complete desperation to God, the Universal One… for a way to soothe me. She said the conversation went something like this… I have tried everything I know. I need help. Please. Please. Please. Maybe she was begging a bit. You know, a mother’s plea to help her children. She said a voice sweetly whispered to her, go back in the room and use the visualization power of a cat to help take the pain away.

She returned back to my room and for hours… my mom took me on healing visualization stories of a cat. She would describe the cat cuddled up right next to me and my leg… purring and consoling me in all the ways a cat could take away the pain. I remember it made all the difference that day. It took me over that pain hump. If we can find those secret healing spaces to soothe us when we are amidst the intensity of what I call those in-between times of pain, we can cross over on the other side to relief, healing and transformation.

Today, my mom and I still get a big kick out of re-visiting that story of how she found the secret magic window to get me through that in-between time with visualizing a cat there to help. We laugh about it because of how desperate her prayer was and how she says… that voice whispering the power of the feline… worked magic!

I believe in those magic windows that life gives when we feel like we have run out of our own answers. I love sharing the power of the moon rituals because they also provide a chance to access the alignment of a miraculous window of time to heal and transform that is magical.

As we prepare for the last full moon of 2014. Give yourself the miraculous magical healing time to walk into 2015 with clarity, freshness and renewal to support your journey. Leave behind all that isn’t serving you and carry only the treasures that support your spirit.

Happy Friday,

Heart Smiles